Dosh Login- Dosh Login benefits – how to reset dosh password

Dosh Login is the means through which dosh account owners use to access their accounts. When you create an account with stores within dosh and then login, you will be able to checkout process faster, store many shipping addresses, and finally view and track orders.

dosh login
dosh login


The company had formed a fast cashback platform that I put money into consumer’s wallets when they shop, book hotels or dine. was established by Ryan Wuerch, runs by a company in America known as Dosh Holdings, INC. Their main aim is to ensure that people are financially stable, by offering extra cash to them when they register, make a purchase . Thus, it brings maximum connection between consumers and merchants the company allows you to purchase at over 100,000 merchants and brands, then receives a cashback.

Dosh Login benefits

Customers gain many things as they sign in to their account. you can’t perform any of the dosh tasks without accessing your account, which is by logging in, so this is few things you get as you sign in.

  • To access over 1,000 online stores
  • Make purchases in your favorite store and earn discounts
  • Refer somebody and earn a referral bonus
  • You can store many shipping addresses as you sign in
  • Login to view orders
  • Keep track of items you both
  • Check what you have in your account wallet.

Dosh Login Steps

If you don’t have the dosh app, go to the play or App Store and download it. Thus you will be needing the app in the login process. So if you have gotten the app on your phone, follow this directive

Take note; the information you are entering must tarry with the one you used during the account opening. However, if in any way you changed your phone number, you will need to make a request for “phone number change” for more help dosh support.

How To Reset dosh Login Password

  • Click on “dosh app” on your phone menu
  • Navigate to the “forgot password” button and tap on it. You will be prompted to enter your phone number in other to receive a verification code.
  • Type in your mobile phone number, wait for a few minutes to receive a text that has the verification code
  • Key in the code and log back into your account


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