Download From Bandcamp – Free Online Mp3 Music or Songs Downloads

You can now download your favorite songs from Bandcamp in various ways in no time. We will be showing you three ways you can use to successfully download the songs you want on Bandcamp to help you download using the option that best suits you.

Download From Bandcamp - Free Online Mp3 Music or Songs Downloads

Bandcamp was founded in 2007, and is now a portal where artists and labels have taken to in a bid to promote their music. Download mp3 music or songs from Bandcamp can be done for free and you can also download from your purchase list. All you have to do to download Band camp music is to know the right places to go to and click.

Bandcamp stands as a streaming service which enables music lovers get access to the music they love and support the artist they love. In a bid to help artists, sales, Bandcamp offers several mediums for sharing music and earning revenue. Owning to this, fans now have access to their favorite music in as many ways as possible including how they download on Bandcamp.

For those using the platform for the first time or those who do not really know their way around on the Bandcamp site, we will be giving you a guide on how to download from Bandcamp. You can download mp3 music on Bandcamp to your device after purchasing it. There is more than one way of downloading music from Bandcamp.

The most convenient method of download is directly at the end of the checkout process. You will also find and get access to a download link in your emailed receipt, on the purchase page of your account profile, and your “Collection” page, which stores your entire Bandcamp mp3 music.

When it comes to downloading mp3 music from Bandcamp, you have options. This is because Bandcamp offers a list of download formats depending on your device and music listening software. The default download format happens to be the MP3 VO, which is playable on most devices and music listening apps. However, you can also download files in the MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF formats.

How to Download from Bandcamp from the Confirmation Page

If you have been confused about how to download from Bandcamp from the confirmation page, here’s your guide:

  • Go to the purchase confirmation page, and click on the arrow close to “MP3 VO”.
  • Choose the format you want to download on Bandcamp with from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the page is done preparing your download, tap on the track or album title link close to the file format.
  • Your file will start downloading to your “Downloads” folder or into any folder on your device that is set as your default location for downloads.

For those using Mac, if the file comes zipped, they should double click on the folder to unzip it.

How to Download from Bandcamp from Your Collection

To download music from Bandcamp from your collection, here are few steps to guide you:

  • Sign into your Bandcamp account.
  • Tap on your profile icon at the top right.
  • Choose your username.
  • Navigate through the page until you find your list of purchased songs and albums. Beneath the purchase you want to download, tap on the “Download” link.
  • Decide on the file format you would like to download the music in before you click on the “Download” tab.

There you have successfully downloaded music from Bandcamp from your collection. You can now enjoy your download.

How to Download Music on Bandcamp from your Purchases List

To download on Bandcamp from your purchases list, you can take the following steps:

  • Start by logging into your Bandcamp account.
  • Tap on your profile icon at the top right.
  • Click on “Purchases” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the “Download album” link.
  • Opt for the file format that you would like to download music from Bandcamp in before you click on the “Download” link.

Once your download is complete, you can enjoy your download songs from Bandcamp offline.

How to Solve Common Downloading Issues on Bandcamp

If in the course of downloading from Bandcamp you encounter any issue as regards downloading your purchases, including downloads that won’t start or not being able to locate it on your computer here’s what you should do. Contact Bandcamp’s downloading FAQ page, to get help in troubleshooting any hitches you may be facing.

For iOS users who have issues downloading music to their iPhone or iPad, they are to understand this. Apple does not allow direct download to these devices. Thus, you have to download your Bandcamp purchase first to your computer before transferring it to your iOS device.

If your issue is trying to download music from your emailed receipt but you can’t locate the email do this. Start by checking your Spam folder and alternate email inboxes which might be attached to your Bandcamp account. If you still can’t locate or get access to the receipt, you can contact Bandcamp directly via their Contact form to have it resent.

Some issues may also arise during the download from Bandcamp process as a result of connectivity issues. To ensure that you have an easy and successful download, it is best to use a trusted browser as well as a strong network connection. You can disable firewalls or internet security tools temporarily to help with downloading speed issues.

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