EastWest Practical Credit Card is a card with low interest rate, reduces monthly interest rate for all purchase made at supermarket, gasoline and drug purchase. This card is offered by EastWest Bank of Philippine


EastWest Practical Credit Card

Benefits Of EastWest Practical Credit Card 

  • Card Users gets losts of perks on purchases made with this card 
  • Enjoys monthly interest rate reduction 
  • Members chooses the convenient means of membership fee payment 
  • World wide acceptability with this card 
  • This card is embedded with smart chip card which ensures Card protection 
  • Receives 0% interest on merchant instalment 
  • Cruise with quick bills facility 
  • Cardholders gets Supplementary cards
  • Enjoys regular customer care 

Rates and Fees Of EastWest Practical Credit Card 

  • Annual membership fee – Php1,400 for principal Card, Php700 for Supplementary Card 
  • Inters charge – 39% or 41.88%
  • Cash Advance fee  -3% or Php600 
  • Cash Advance interest charge – 3.49%
  • Late Payment fee – 8%
  • Over Credit limit Fee – P500 
  • Return Check fee -Php1,500 
  • Card replacement fee – P400
  • Foreign currency conversation fee – 2.50% 

Requirements For EastWest Practical Credit Card 

  • Should be a citizen of Filipino 
  • Must be up to 21 years go principal Card Aspirers 
  • Applicant lowest gross income must be Php120,000 
  • A valid photo ID must be included 

How To Apply For EastWest Practical Credit Card 

  • Go to www.eastwestbanker.com/info/creditcards.asp 
  • Click on “Apply now” widget beneath “EastWest Practical MasterCard”
  • Read through the application requirements 
  • Tap on “continue with application” widget 
  • Select your card 
  • Answer the following questions with Yes or No option “are you an existing EastWest client”, “are you an existing EastWest principal Credit Cardholder”, “are you related by affinity or consanguinity to any EastWest director, officer or stakeholder” 
  • Fill in your personal information, your employment and financial details 
  • Press on “agree & Submit” box 

How To Activate Your EastWest Practical Credit Card 

First of all register for online banking by :

  • Locating this card login page 
  • Tap on “sign me up” link 
  • Read and accept EW electronic banking terms and conditions 
  • Click on “continue” tab 
  • Answer the question “Do you have a debit or prepared Card” with Yes or No 
  • Fill in your card number and PIN 
  • Select the “confirm” tab 

How To Login To Your EastWest Practical Credit Card 

  • Progress to www.eastwestbanker.com/info/creditcards.asp 
  • Press on “personal” tab beside “login now” on the right top of the page 
  • Key in your username and password 
  • Click on “login” 

How To Recover Forgotten EastWest Practical Credit Card Password 

  • Proceed to the login page 
  • Tap on “forgot password” button 
  • Select “reset password” from the menu 
  • Select “Credit Card” 
  • Enter your card number and Card expiring date 
  • Click on “confirm” widget  and regain your password 

How To Make Bill Payment With EastWest Practical Credit Card 

Via Online Banking : Login to your EastWest online banking and pay your bills 

Via Store : Locate nearest EastWest branch using online locator and make your bill payment 

Via ATM : go to the closest EastWest  ATM machine and pay your bills 

EastWest Practical Credit Card Customer Center 

 Speak with EastWest Agent by dialing at (02) 888 1700, for more clarity and help. 

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