Easytag – Free Audio File Metadata Tag Editor Software

Easytag is a free audio file metadata tag editor software which enables you to easily view and edit tags in audio files. Easytag was initially developed by Jerome Couderc, but now maintained by the EasyTAG community. This software is a graphical editor designed with easy-to-use features in a user-friendly interface. It acts as an open source program which you can build yourself. Even though, you can’t donate to its project but you can still send feedback regarding bugs.

Easytag - Free Audio File Metadata Tag Editor Software

Wide Support Range

Easytag Alabama is crafted as a simple multimedia program which was written in the C programming language and depends on other tools and libraries for its features including GTK+ for graphics as well as id3lib for ID3 tag handling. Easytag can edit metadata like title, artist, album, year and much more. Apart from these benefits, Easytag Alabama also offers automated tagging with the help of presets and custom masks. It is a system that is well structured for easy audio file editing  mostly in a situation where you have several files to organize.

Easytag Houston system software supports formats like MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Opus, Ogg Speex, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack (MPC), Monkey’s Audio (APE), and WavPack. It also serves as a cross-platform program which can work on other PC operating systems. Easytag can be operated by any type of user, whether or not they are familiar with tag editors. Be it as it may, you have to note that you will need GTK+ pre-installed for it to work. You will be notified by the program if you don’t have it and be prompted for an installation.

User Friendly

Ez tag pay main interface displays three panels. The left panel contains tree-based browser which enables you manually select the source location or folder of a file. The middle panel on the other hand is for the files themselves and displays their current filename. The right panel on its part, has all the metadata information of the currently selected file. You can directly edit the files on this panel and even view and change their images.

The hctra ez tag program also offers an advanced feature like recursion function for tagging, removing tags, renaming, saving, and the like. This software system can set selected fields to all other files, undo and redo last changes, auto-complete dates if you typed in a partial one, and even generates a playlist for you. If you want to perform file searching, Easytag offers CDDB (Compact Disc Database) support, and using Freedb.org and Gnudb.org servers for manual and automatic searches.

When it comes to interface design, ez tag express can look more bland and boring despite its streamlined navigation. On the other hand, the features themselves are easy to use and most are either empty fields you can write on, drop-down lists, or toggle-able buttons for settings. Developers will find this system highly user-friendly because even without looking up tutorials or at its official website’s documentation, they will find this open source system a smart choice.

Pros of Easytag

Easytagal on the whole, is a great audio file metadata editor which is recommended for everyone. It’s interface design is quite straightforward despite its appearance. If you are using it for the first time you don’t have to worry about how to go about using it. The biggest issue is its slow-to-load speed as compared to other tag editor tools. However this tag editor is free and available to developers to build their own version. Here are the pros:

  • Easytag has easy-to-navigate interface.
  • You will enjoy user friendly features with this system.
  • Has CDDB file search support.
  • It can auto-tag files with presets and custom masks.

These are the reasons why we like the Easytagal tag editor tool.

What’s No So Good About Easytag?

Here are the areas we hope Easytag tag editor can improve in its services:

Change its outdated interface design.

Improve upon its slow speed as compared to other similar programs.

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