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Ebates Amazon is an Online Store that operates with Ebates.com.  Amazon is one of the shopping stores in Rakuten that let shoppers earn cash back after purchases.  Thus you might be one of the people who prefer to shop at Amazon than other online stores. You’re entitled to exclusive Prime deals and Promo codes as you purchase your favorite items like electronics, Cloths, furniture, etc. Therefore to for better understanding, you will learn what Ebates and Amazon are.

ebates amazon
Ebates amazon

Whatis Ebates/ Rakuten

Ebates is a shopping reward and Cashback website, it’ now Rakuten. It’s headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, Canada. Maybe you have been searching for online using the old name and the name “Rakuten” keeps appearing, there’s nothing to worry about because they’re the same.

However, the website lets members buy products or services in the affiliate stores using a link on their site, and in-turn giveout amazing cashback to users after shopping. So members get outstanding discounts, coupons, promo codes after purchasing in a store like Amazon throughtheEbates website.

This website is also embedded with are referral program that let users earn extra cash when they bring a friend to join, and the referral buys what worth $25.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is one of the largest retailers all over the world, that has varieties of products for sales. Shop for items such as computers, magazines, Clothing, software, DVDs, videos, furniture, shoes name it,  all are found in the Amazon store. Thus, this retailer is currently working with Ebates, letting Ebates or Rakuten members purchase items in their store right within the Ebates website.

How does Ebateswork with Amazon? 

Sign up for Rakuten account and then head to their homepage to access your account, go straight to the search tool and find Amazon store, start shopping, after purchasing the items you want, you will get Cashback which will be sent to your account. Thus, you will get a discount depending on the product you bought. Amazon offers up to 5% cashback.

How Ebates Amazon make money?

For every purchase you made at Amazon store in Ebates.com, Ebates gets a commission for it, that is why they will be able to give you a share.

Looking at it, you will understand that Rakuten gets paid for promoting the Amazon store, and the person that bought an item will receive a reward from Rakuten, that is simply how it goes.

So many individuals have been wondering how ebates/Rakuten earn the money they give to their members after shopping, I know that this article has given a clearer light on that.

Ebates Amazon app

There’s no special sign app for Ebates Amazon, all you need to is to download and install Ebates App and then access Amazon store right within the app.


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