Elance Create account | Meaning of Elance | How does it work?

Elance Create account platform enables individuals to become members of Elance online work Marketplace. Get connected to freelancers or employers by creating your own freelance account.

Elance Create Account

Meaning of Elance

Elance is an online marketplace for work, that gives employers room to hire, Pay, manage and grade workers. The freelancer is known as workers or contractors while employers are called clients. Thus on this platform contractors have the opportunity to promote their skills and also submit a proposal on jobs offered by employers.

The website has a platform known as “workroom” where contractors document their work and also Collaborate with other members when working in teams. Also, the employer can as well communicate and Cross-check work done by their remote teams in the workroom.

It ensures that the project is billed on fixed budgets and hourly rates, as long as the individual follow the directives.

How does it work

Clients/Employers post jobs required for their projects at Elance, then contractors/workers submit their proposals. They also submit their work rate for the advertised jobs. the client now goes through the contractors’ profile, proposal, skill test scores, ratings, and work history to select the contractor or team-best for the job.

There are tools in the workroom which the employer uses to manage and monitor the work progress.  Thus with these tools, the client can also communicate and collaborate with the workers or teams members

When the work is done and the client is satisfied with it, the client pays the worker using Elance.

Elance Create account

Create an account with Elanceandfind what you need, you can get freelancer with over 5000 skills, what are you still waiting for to become a member. Thus to create an account with this popular online work Marketplace, simply follow the instructions

How To create an account

The procedure is simple, just follow it one after the other

  • Firstly, proceed to www.upwork.com
  • On the upwork homepage, move to the top of the screen and choose the sign-up button
  • On the get your free account page, scroll down and tap on “Sign with email” box
  • Select your email address or scroll down and click on “Add email”


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