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Email Tracking is a way of monitoring sent emails and then use the data to inform business decisions. Thus, some tracking software collects data on open rates locations and times and also click through on attachments and links. It helps you to build up and preserve your communication and relationships in the email platform.

Email Tracking

Why do I need email tracking software? To power your inbox in order to boost your email effectiveness. So when another person opens or goes through your end, you will be able to know, with the use of this email tracking software.

Gmail email tracking

The Mailtrack software is an extension for Gmail, it works perfectly on Chrome browser. You can try out the Mailtrack software for your Gmail email tracking

How does it work?

When you send an email to someone, email tracking tool gives you notice when the email you sent has been clicked or opened. The software can also detect the date and the exact time your recipient opened the email.

What does email Tracking do for you?

With email tracking service, the following are what you expect

  • Users get communication insight from their customers, contacts, and networks. That is, if you send links with your email to your friends and loved ones, you will know when the person clicks or sees the email. You can as well know the number of times your email is been read, which means you will get follow up on your email activities.
  • It saves time, do you know why?  With the tracking software, you will be able to know if the message you sent was viewed. So if the first was not opened, there’s no need for a follow-up, you just have to pause. This will totally save your time, instead of wasting time on the message that the recipient will end up not opening.

Email Tracking software

There are lots of tracking tools you will find in the software market, like Yesware, Mail track, Streak for Gmail, Banana tag, SalesHub etc. Thus, in this write-up, we recommend a tool like the “SalesHub” software. So when you get the app, be rest assured that you will get real-time updates on views or clicks on your sent email.

How to  track your email

I will be reviewing how to track an email. With the few steps below, you are set to use the tracking software

  • The first step to take is to, install an email tracking software.
  • Proceed to your email and start composing the message you want to send.
  • After composing the message, click on the “track email” widget. If you are using the “SalesHub” tool It is represented with a “checkbox” that shows on the Gmail or Outlook toolbar.


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