Express Credit Card Payment: Review on Express Credit Card

Express Credit Card Payment, the procedure has been simplified by the card issuer company which is Comenity Bank. Comenity Bank has offered some options which enable cardholders to pay their bills via different mediums with ease. In this article, we’ll be taking you through a step by step guide with each of the payment mediums, to enable you to make your card payment with ease and better enjoy your card account.

This is a unique card, with points program that offers cardholders good purchasing power at Express. 15 points are offered for every dollar spent at Express (either in-store or online), accumulated 2,500 points, earns you a $10 rewards certificate, extra bonus point events, gives you the opportunity to earn more than 1 point per dollar, which means that for every $170 you spend, you get $10 back, a special gift on your birthday as well as exclusive cardholder savings opportunities.

Express Credit Card Payment

Express Credit Card Payment

Express Credit Card payment can be made via phone, mail, in-store and online. Now let’s outline each of these payment modes one after the other. Having the ease to make a payment, will not only help you avoid missing payments, but it will also help you to avoid making late payments. We all know that making late payments or missing payments, can come with dire consequences that may cost you more than you can ever imagine.

The consequences that come with making a late payment or missing out on making payments, can have a negative impact on your credit score. Once your credit score is affected, it can affect your ability to get credit.

Thus if you want to avoid all the not-so-good parts that come with making a late payment or missing out on making your payment, you can check out the different mediums you can use to make swift and prompt payments.

Express Credit Card Online Payment

 Customers, can set up an online account for the Express Card, and easily manage their credit card account, and make their credit card bill payment with ease. To do this;

  • Login in to your account
  • Tap on the “Pay Online” option
  • Choose a convenient bill payment option
  • Make your bill payment.

Express Next Credit Card Phone Payment

 Customers can make their bill payment via phone, by calling the customer care number provided on the card’s website.

Express Credit Card Mail Payment

 Payments can also be mailed to the mailing address displayed on the card’s website. Before you mail your payment, it would be best to call the customer care unit to confirm.

As you mail your payment, you are to ensure your payment is received on time by mailing your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement.

 In-store Payment

 Card Payment can be made in-store, by locating the nearest Express store.

 Customer Service Number

 Customers can contact the customer care unit, by calling the customer care team, using the number listed on the card’s website for enquires on Express credit card payment.

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