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Facebook Ads Manager App – Facebook Ads Manager Download

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The Facebook Ads Manager app. Over 95% of marketers have invested in Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads Manager enables us to connect with the activities of their ad in spite of the distance or location. As a business person, there is no need for spending all your time on the desktop or Mac laptop to track your business ads performance. Thanks to Facebook for the provision of the Facebook Ads Manager App.

Facebook Ads Manager App

Facebook Ads Manager App

The Facebook Ads Manager is on the Google play store or IOS store. This app enables you to create, edit and manage Ads on the same platform at the convenience of your smartphone. And also on your iPhone but only functional for those using iPhone 4s upward.

The Facebook Ads Manager allows businesses to get connected with their activities and performance. Distance is not a barrier to the Facebook Ads Manager App. You can easily create and track Facebook Ads with your mobile device efficient and powerful mobile tools.

The Ads Manager App Benefits

The Ads Manager App helps you to do the following:

  • Improve your ads by using split testing, notifications and weekly summaries.
  • It enables your Ads campaign to get to your target potential clients using the app’s detailed targeting options.
  • The app allows you to create and publish ad images that come with text, shapes, logos, stickers, filters, templates and more.
  • You can use real-time results to optimize, edit or deactivate your ads, even after the ads are live.
  • The app allows you to see in-depth analytics that enables you to fully understand how your ads are doing at all times.

Download Facebook Ads Manager App

Having a Facebook account will automatically grant you access to the Facebook Ads Manager account. This Ads account is connected to Facebook account so when you log in to your Facebook account the access is free. Here are steps to download the App from the  Google play store.

  • Get to the Google Play store on your smartphone
  • On the Google play store, get to the search bar
  • Type “Facebook Ads Manager App” and click on the enter key button
  • The app will show up
  • Click on the “ Install “ button to download the app to your mobile device.

How to log in to the Ads Manager App

When you are through with the downloading and installing if the app process. The next thing to do us to log in to the app.

  • At the log in section
  • Enter your Facebook account details, username or mobile phone number or email address
  • Your password
  • Press on the “ Enter” button to manage all your advertising campaigns.

That’s how to log in to the facebook ads manager

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