The newest addition to Facebook is the Facebook avatar feature. With the Facebook Avatar Setup process, you’ll be rocking your very own digital version of you. Your avatar can be used while making comments, updating your status, etc. Most people are still not familiar with the new feature, but I believe you’ve seen people posting avatars that look like bitmoji on your Facebook Feed. And if you’ve been wondering about why you can seem to access this feature. Well, the feature is still in its launching process, and it is only made available to a few countries or locations. And the reason why you can’t see or set up your own avatar is that the feature is not yet accessible in your region or country. The Facebook avatar set up process is very simple and fast, so if you’re having issues setting up a digital you, then I’ve got you covered.

Facebook Avatar Setup - Facebook Avatar | Facebook Avatar Creator

Facebook Avatar Setup

Facebook Avatar Setup is the process of creating or making your own Avatar emoji on the platform. The whole set up process is free, but to use to access this feature, you’ll need to have a Facebook account. Aside from having an account, you need to have the creator app. Facebook avatar creator app is required because the feature is not on the website. Of course, you want to set up your own avatar, but do you have the Avatar creator app? Well, if you are wondering what are the creator apps, then read on to find out.

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Facebook Avatar Update

Facebook avatar update is simply about the latest feature that was added to the platform. Though it is new and currently available in two to four locations or countries, the feature is actually rocking and it is highly anticipated by those that are yet to get it. Facebook has always been free for its users to access and use from the start, so that means the avatar feature is equally free and simple. To have this avatar update, you need to have an on any of the creator apps. Currently, the feature is not accessible on the Facebook web, but we hope the team makes it accessible on PC too. So, let’s talk about the creator apps and how to download them.

Facebook Avatar Creator

Having said the Facebook avatar has an app for setting it up, most individuals will be wondering if it has a standalone app like Bitmoji. Well, actually being a feature on Facebook, means it is not a standalone app on it but rather can be accessed only on Facebook and Facebook Messenger app. So, to use the newest addition to Facebook, you need to have an updated Facebook app and Messenger app.

How to Download Facebook Avatar App

Downloading both Messenger and Facebook apps on your smartphone are very simple and fast. Also, they are free for anyone to download. Facebook avatar is compatible with any device, which means you can access the feature using iOS or Android smartphones. To download, go to the app store on your device and type in Facebook or Facebook Messenger. Tap on the app you want and its installation page will be loaded. Then tap on “Install” to get the app. Now, you have the Facebook avatar creator app on your phone, so let’s get you started on to set your own Facebook avatar.

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Facebook Avatar Create

Well, now you have the app downloaded on your device, let’s move on to creating your avatar. But moving on to set it up, let’s look to find out where the feature icon is and if it’s accessible to you yet. To launch the avatar feature on your iOS, tap on the menu icon located at the bottom of your page. Then on Android, tap on the menu icon at the top of your Facebook page. Then from the options that will be shown, tap on see more. If the feature is an avatar in your country, you will see “Avatars”. If the feature is not shown, it simply means it is not accessible in your location yet.

How to SetUp Facebook Avatar

Setting the avatar is simple, if you’re familiar with using Bitmoji, then this one will be easy for you. When setting it up, make sure to take your time and make it very personal, because your avatar is like a digital version of yourself. Let’s just say, your avatar is how you’d picture yourself. With that said, follow below to set up your own avatar;

  • Follow the steps mentioned above to access the Avatar icon.
  • Read on the avatar page will be loaded and tap on “Next”.
  • Click the “Avatar” icon and click “Get Started”.
  • You can start customizing your avatar starting with the face and the skin color you’d like to use.
  • Now, customize your avatar the way you want it, there are accessories you can add to make good use of that.
  • Once you’re impressed with the customization, check it out to know if it fits you. Then select “Next”.
  • To commence the whole process, tap on “Done”.

Now your avatar will be ready to use. You can actually make amends if you feel like it.

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