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Facebook Business Account Create

Facebook Business Account Create is an act of setting up a business account within your Facebook app. Facebook is one of the easiest platform to reach more than thousands of people,which makes it a perfect place for business owners to promote their businesses. So with your personal Facebook account you can setup a business page for people to find your brand online.

facebook business account create
Facebook business account create

Facebook Business Account Create Steps

Fb Business Account Create does not mean creating a different Fb account entirely, with your personal account you can setup the business page at once. If you want to use your Facebook account strictly for business, you can setup your account as a business account. Because you can’t have more than Follow the steps below and setup a business page

Step 1: Sign up to create Facebook Business Account

  • Browse for
  • Move to the top right corner of the page,then tap on “create a page” button
  • It takes you to the page where you have two options “business or brand” and “community or public figure”
  • Click on “Get started” widget beneath “business or brand” section.
  • You will be prompted to give the page a name, category
  • Select “continue” button

Step 2: Upload profile picture

After signing up for your business page, it’s necessary you include impressive brand photos that for good visual purposes. Thus, the pictures you’re uploading must define your business or brand, because it’s what potential customers sees that can attract them for further inquiries and negotiation.

  • Click on “upload profile picture” tab
  • Choose the photo you want to add. Note, the image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 height.
  • Tap on “Upload Profile picture” button

Step 3:Add business description

On this section, you are to give a brief description about your business. Make sure you write down the important points, because there won’t be room for too much elaboration. Simply Press on “Add a short description” button and then save.

Step 4: Facebook Business Account – Create a username or URL

Your username is what people can use to find you on Fb

  • Tap on “create a username for your page” tab
  • Enter the name you want to serve as your page username
  • Click on “create username” button
  • Tap OK

Step 5: finish the About section and Create your Post

  • Scroll to the left corner of the page and Select “about” widget. Here you can include or edit your business details. You can also add a long business description on this section by clicking on “edit story” tab and the save.
  • To Create a post, click on “status” tab, at the left top the page. From the menu, you can select through for more options.

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