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Facebook Content Marketing – social Media concept

by cardshure

Facebook Content Marketing is a concept that has become very popular right from 2007 according to Google Trends. I know most people do not understand what content marketing is all about. This brings us to the question, what is Content Marketing? Content Marketing strategy is a great way to generate traffic for your business. Content Marketing is majorly an organic Content Marketing adding useful posts and also using Facebook ads that will enhance your Facebook Content Marketing.

Facebook Content Marketing

However, Facebook has continued to gain the lead when it comes to social media. It is very hanging out for friends to connect and share also online. It has also grown from just chit-chat platform to an area of connecting businesses, Marketing platforms were sellers and buyers communicate and connect as well. Facebook is one of the popular Marketing tools. Customers are informed, brand identity is developed and widen to a greater reach.

Facebook Content Marketing Strategies

Here are some Facebook Content Marketing strategies outline below:

Use your Facebook Business Page

The Facebook page allows businesses to identify each other. Your business Facebook pages is a unique platform to showcase your brand identity. Your Facebook pages are not just for listing the business offers and services but it also involves sharing of links, images, and posts on a customized page. When using a Facebook page, consider your targeted audience then focus on what they want. Share social media images, links, videos, etc that connect with your business

Host Facebook Contests

Hosting  Facebook Contests consist also of sweepstakes or promotion, all these create customers’ awareness of your brand. Note that you will use another app to create the Facebook contest. And then direct your users from their Facebook page to the contest platform for maximum participation.

Sponsored Stories

This is a Facebook ad that enables you to see users’ interactions. These stories use the “Word of mouth” Marketing concept. This enabled the user to ensure that at most three of her friends like a certain page. The main essence of a sponsored story is to have users that take the same action as her friends. Also, actions that friends engage such as liking a page or claiming offers are instantly posted in a user’s news feed. Sponsored Stories is the only Facebook ads format that is available on mobile devices.

Facebook Advertising Classic Ads

Facebook has its own form of advertisement with Facebook ads, that appear in the side column of the Facebook site. The include headline with copy, an image, and a click-through link either on a Facebook page, an outside website, and a Facebook App. Also, using Facebook advertising in marketing your content will likely increase your likes and your website clicks.

However, the likes that come when you use Facebook advertising is very essentials. In that, all the people that like your page automatically become followers of your business page and whenever you make a post, it will be shown in their Facebook news feed. Therefore, your brand will have more user interaction that will lead to a future relationship.

Facebook Promoted Posts

Generally, we always believe that our post should be seen by everyone each time we post. Also, our business post should be seen by our followers and all that have liked our page. But that’s not so. Facebook Promoted Posts allows Facebook page owners to pay a flat rate just to get your Facebook posts to reach a certain number of other users. Additionally, Facebook Promoted Posts are shown to existing fans, with an added option to reach friends of fans.

Finally, Facebook Content Marketing is necessary to make your content get to your target audience. Creating good content also enhances a better reaction from your audience to your content.

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