Facebook Countdown Clock | How To Create A Facebook Countdown Clock

Facebook Countdown Clock allows Facebook users to promote a particular event on their Fb page. Thus this can be done by adding a countdown clock app to your Fb account. So to be able to take advantage of this event tracker, you must have a Facebook account.

Facebook Countdown Clock

How does Facebook Countdown Clock work

You must have an account with Fb, then login to your account. You have to include the countdown clock application. After you added the app to your account, the app shows you a clock image on your Facebook wall, counting down to a date or an occasion you want to follow, for instance, graduation events. With this app, users will be able to track their favorite events.

Create a Facebook account

To Setup an account on Facebook, take the following procedures

  • Navigate to your browser and search for www.facebook.com
  • Select the “create a new account” button at the upper part of the screen.
  • Key in the required information, for instance, your name, email or contact number, password, sex, DOB.
  • Tap on the tab that says “sign up”
  • Confirm your account by entering the code sent to you and then continue.

Login to your account to create a facebook countdown clock

If you want to access your account so that you can create a countdown clock on it, take these steps.

Visit the Fb official website

Key in your phone number or email and then the password

Then login

How To Create A Facebook Countdown Clock

From what you’ve read in the beginning of this article, you now know what the countdown clock is all about. So if you want to create one on your Facebook account read the directions below.

Basic steps

  • Move to your Fb account.
  • Go to the screen top to select an event beneath the “event” tab
  • In the text box, input the name of the event.
  • Select the time zone in the location field.
  • Fill in the event date and time.
  • Choose the countdown clock
  • Color by taping on the “presets” button
  • To know if the clock, appears the way you want it, move to the wall post review.
  • Choose the location you want the countdown clock to be beneath post to heading.
  • Tap on “preview and share ” widget.
  • Go ahead and add a personal message for your wall and then select the share tab.


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