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Facebook Cover Photo Size – Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Photo Size Free

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Facebook Cover Photo Size? Facebook is one of the most popular websites around the globe. That is why there are many businesses that setup a page on the platform to sale and promote their business and services. However, it does not end in creating a business page. To make your page to be more attractive when your audience opens your page, will depend on your cover photo.

Facebook Cover Photo Size - Facebook Cover Photo | Facebook Cover Photo Size 2020

Facebook Cover Photo Size

The cover photo size you use gives your audience the first impression. This displays and brings more beauty to your profile. This is why you have to ensure you get the right cover page size.

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What you must know?

For you to get started with the Facebook cover photo, there are basic things you must know, they are as follows

  • You must know that the cover photo you use cannot be misleading or violet on someone’s copyright
  • The cover is made public.
  • It must not have a verified checkmark and third party products, brands or sponsor.
  • Do not ask people or friends to post your cover image on their timelines.

These are rules you must know about the Facebook cover-page.

How Important Is the Facebook Cover Photo Size

You might be wondering if the size of the cover photo matters to your goal in promoting your business or services on FB. Find out the important of FB cover photo size.

  • It gives your audience the first impression as soon as they access your page. That is why you have to be very careful on the size.
  • When your cover size does not align with the required size Facebook gave, if the image is too small FB will increase it to fit in the size. But when it’s larger than the required size, some part of the image will be cropped out.
  • Some cover image might look perfect when you view it on computer, but when you try accessing it with mobile phone, you will discover that some part of the image will not be found. It must have already been cropped out.

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2020

The following are how your cover photo should be:

  • On your mobile phone, it should show at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels long. Thus the image on mobile shows more like a square.
  • For computer device, the display should be 850 pixels wide by 312 pixels long. The image displayed on computer is more like a short and wide rectangle.
  • Before the image can be uploaded it must be not less than 400 pixels wide and 150 long.
  • Images loads fast as an SRGB JBG file with 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels long and beneath 100 kb.

With the above displayed sizes, you will find out that there’s no way you will upload image meant for desktop on mobile. It requires different pixels both in length and wideness. The best format to upload images that has logo or text is the PNG file format.

Facebook Cover Image Sizing Language And Meaning

Pixel: Pixel is the short name for “picture element”. Thus it is the smallest unit of a digital photo or graphic that can be represented or shown on digital display device, such as Smartphone, TV and computer. However, pixels are brought together to make a complete text, image or video showing on the pc.

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sRGB: SRGB is the colour profile that pertains to the JPG file. If your image is created in adobe Photoshop or light-room using RGB colour profiles, you will have to convert it to sRGB colour profile to make the quality of the photo to remain consistent for digital media.

JPG:  This is an image file format. The JPEG is the short for “joint photographic Experts Group”.

How to Resize Your Image

To resize your image you can do that using adobe Photoshop or Pixlr. Adobe Photoshop is not a free tool but Pixlr is free. To resize your image using Pixlr, you need to download only the flash plug-in, follow the directives below to resize your photo.

  • On the editor screen, select the create a new image button
  • Set your dimensions to 820 x 360 pixels
  • Tap on the Ok tab. It will set your background to be the correct dimensions for your cover image.
  • Navigate to the layer button at the screen top, to upload the image.
  • Select open image as a layer.
  • Go to your device image file and upload the image
  • The image will be wider, to reduce it to fit the space, go to the edit field and tap on the free transform tab
  • Hold down the shift key to make the image fit in the space. During this process make sure that it maintain right aspect ratio and doesn’t appear stretched.

If you’re ok with the size, navigate to save the image. And your image will be resized and saved to your profile.

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