Facebook Dark Mode | Does Facebook Have a Dark Mode | How To Activate Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode that’s good news to hear. Dark Mode on any social media platform is a great idea, especially at night. Dark Mode on will help to reduce the rate of illumination into the eyelids. The white screen page at night causes the eye to get weary easily. However, Facebook users had been anticipating the Facebook Dark Mode full activation since, just like the Twitter platform. Let’s see more about this article.

Facebook Dark Mode

Does Facebook have Dark Mode?

Dark mode on Facebook does not fully offer a dark theme. But it is available on Facebook Messenger. You can activate it. However, we are expecting a Full Facebook dark mode for iOS, Android and iPadOS. You will surely get a full update from us.

How to turn on Facebook Dark Mode

Everybody wants to enjoy the Dark Mode features on social media now. It keeps the eyes from squinting. According to Jane Manchin  Wong on her discovery of the dark mode in Facebook underlying code. Although, not fully activated. Some parts of the app have been seen to redeveloped to support the dark mode version. Let’s wait for the big brand full version of Dark Mode.

On  Android Facebook Messenger

  • Open your Facebook Messenger app
  • Go to the Facebook Messenger app settings
  • Click on your account photo
  • Click on the “Dark Mode” widget you see below your name.
  • This will turn the Dark mode on immediately.

On iOS

  • Get your device, get to the settings
  • On the settings page, click on “Accessibility” 
  • Next, get to the “Display and Brightness”
  • Select the radio button under Dark and you will be able to enjoy browsing.

Dark Mode for Desktop

Dark modes have recently have become popular, apart from saving the eyes from straining. The dark mode helps to save battery lifespans. But there is a browser extension known as Night Eye to enable Dark Mode for the desktop version. With this dark mode extension activation, you enjoy surfing the Internet, especially at night. It works effectively on your desktop

How to install the Night Eye Dark Mode for desktop

  • Use any of your preferred browser and download and install the extension
  • Once the installation finishes, you will have to adjust the language settings of the extension
  • The Mode will be is set at default for any Web site you will visit, on Facebook and Facebook Messenger and other websites.
  • Dark Mode, Filtered, Normal there are three 3 general modes to explore you can customize by applying filters. Also, scheduled when the Night Eye should work and any other by opening the extension window.


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