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Facebook Emoji – Facebook Emoji Download | Facebook Avatar Emoji

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Facebook Emoji are symbols, ideograms and smileys used on status update and also in the comment and message box for expression and reactions. The fb emoji can be accessed on Facebook website, messenger for web, and messenger for mobile. Thus, fb apps for mobile devices make use of native emojis for their platforms instead of the main fb emoji images.

Facebook Emoji - Facebook Emoji Download | Facebook Avatar Emoji

Facebook Emoji

These emojis are easily accessed by users there’s no need for installing additional software to get the emojis. However, users can insert emojis while making a post, commenting and also during private chat. With the use of emoji, users will be able to express themselves.

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New Facebook Emoji

Currently Fb has introduced a new emoji, which represents care. The reaction was added in March 2020 in response to COVID-19. It’s a way of expressing you care, especially in the season of coronavirus pandemic. The new emoji (care) is displayed as a face hugging a red love heart. The new emoji is only be used to react to Facebook posts, comments and messages. It’s not currently available as a standardized Unicode emoji.

Facebook Emoji Meaning

Emojis are what you use to react on Facebook posts, comments and messenger on Facebook. They can come in an animation, stickers, symbols, smileys & people, flags, travels, food, activity etc. In Facebook you will find reactions such as like, Love, laughing face, smiling face, surprise face, sad or crying face, angry face etc.

Categories of Emoji On Facebook

Here are the categories of emoji you will find on the fb platform:

Smiley & People:

Smileys & people’s are emojis which represents human being and their actions. Here you will see a smiling, crying, happy, laughing, angry, sad, love and other face reactions. People reactions, you will see that of a girl, boy, child, old people, sporting people, running person, dancing person and many more.

Animals & Nature:

This category covers the emojis of animals and nature. You will see all manner of animals including the fish, cat, reptiles, and mammal’s family. The nature emoji comprises of the icon of a tree, flower, sun, moon, rainbow, rain, stars, grass, weather, cloud fire and more.

Food & Drink:

Food and drink emoji represents the icon of different kinds of food including fruits, snack, cooked food, egg, wine, feeding bottle, spoons and plates, cutleries and other materials use associated with food and drink.

Activities Emoji:

The particular emojis portrays people’s activities. You will all manner of activities including sports materials like football, baseball, Bating stick, golf stick, goal post etc. Under this category, you’ll also see icons that depict bicycle rider, footballer, horse rider, fighters etc. Musical instruments are also included in the emoji and people’s career such as police, doctor, judge, chef and many more

Travel & Places:

Travel and places emojis are icon that represents a place and travel including traveling means. Thus there are icons for road traveling means such as car, bus, bicycle and bike. You will also view icons that depicts traveling on the sea using canoe, ship etc. For air, you will see airplane, jet, helicopter icon and more.


Under object category, you will are objects like, watch, cloths, radio, TV, phone, knife, key, book, shoe, cap, bag, gift, drug, teddy, dish, clock, hammer, spanner writing materials, discs and many more


Facebook symbols emoji covers all kinds of symbols. It has the numeric symbols, keyboard, shape, calculation, clock symbols and many more.


Flags category covers flags that represent most countries of the world. You will find African, America, Asia nation’s flags. In case you want to express your self or react to portray a country; you can use the flag emoji.

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Facebook Emoji download

Fb emoji is not software to download. Facebook made it very easy for users to get emojis without stress. You can get the emojis and add it to your status update, your comments and messages. To get fb emoji on your activities on FB read the sections below.

How to get Facebook Emoji on your Comment

Getting Facebook emojis on your comment is very easy. The steps include:

  • To get the emojis on the comment section, login to Facebook. You can login in app or web by tapping on this link facebook.com
  • Go to the post you want to comment and, locate the comment box.
  • Beneath the comment box, you will see an icon that looks like a face, click on it to access the emojis.
  • Select the emoji you want to use for the comment and then close the emoji page, by clicking the smiley face again.

Then your emoji will be displayed among comments.

How to get Facebook Emoji on your Private Message

Below are the procedures to get Facebook emoji on your private message:

  • Go to Facebook
  • Navigate to the message tab and tap on it
  • Scroll through the screen and tap on the name of the person you want to message.
  • Go to the comment box, click on the smiley face icon under
  • Choose the emoji you want to use and click on the smiley face again to close it.

How to use Facebook Emoji on Status Update

To use Facebook emoji in your FB status update, follow the directions below

  • Begin to compose your status update. To write an update. Go to facebookfacebook.com
  • Tap inside the field that says “what’s on your mind?” type in whatever you want to post.
  • Tap on the smiley face icon at the bottom right side of the status update field.
  • Scroll through the emojis and choose the one you want to add to your update. You can use the category section for quick access of the icon. You can add emojis in between your write-up.

After adding the emoji you want, navigate and tap on the post tab. Click on the post tab to upload your status with the emoji for your Facebook friends to see.

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