Facebook Gameroom Login


Facebook Gameroom Login offers a platform where gamers can create account and log into their Facebook Gameroom game across multiple platforms. Game lovers can now personalize in-game experiences, re-engage lapsed players, as well as sync game progress across platforms.

Facebook Gameroom ;Login

What is Facebook Gameroom?

Facebook Gameroom is a Windows based app. Designed to enable users play games without logging into their accounts on the Facebook web. Facebook lovers, now have the freedom of choosing as well as playing from the many available games without being disturbed by Facebook notifications or Newsfeed.

What are the advantages of Facebook Gameroom Login?

  • Offers access to information about your players on their email address, profile picture, first name and surname. Also it enables you personalize their gameplay experience for them.
  • You have the access to see which of your friends are also playing the game.
  • You can actively play seamlessly across multiple platforms.
  • Helps you implement Game Requests. This, enables your players interact as well as re-engage their friends and invite new players to play your game.
  •  Facebook Gameroom Login, enables players swiftly create an account in their game, without having to set a password.
  • Once you create an account on one platform, you can log into your app. Simply tap on all your other platforms.
  • You can access Facebook Gameroom Login on iOS, Android, Web, Windows phone, Desktop apps and Unity.
  • Facebook Gameroom Login in the app enables you get represented by a user ID which is consistent across platforms. Synchronize gameplay and game state across multiple platform versions of the same game with User ID.

How do I login on Facebook Gameroom?

Immediately you initialize the plugin, and your game begins you can make a login call to retrieve player information.

Use a simple method login or another method loginwithScopes.

Note that login method will apply 3 permissions of the player, user friends, email, and public_profile.

Certain parameters can also be passed to loginwithScopes method to designate which permissions are applied. Here, public_profile and email will be applied and you have the access to check if the player has logged in.

The player login option on the other hand, triggers onLoginAccessTokenMsg call back in your listener object. Properties can also be used to retrieve the player’s login information thru the parameter.

Facebook Gameroom has now become the new rave among gamers. You too can join the rave.


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