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Facebook Groups – Facebook Group for Business | Facebook Group Lists

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Facebook Groups are platform setup on Facebook by different individuals to communicate, express opinion and share their common interests. These groups allow people to come together around a common cause or activity to express objectives, post pictures, share group related content and also discuss issues. On Facebook, you can be in more than one group. You know the area you’re interested in, all you need is to find the group that covers or have that same interest and join.

Facebook Groups - Facebook Group for Business | Facebook Group Lists

Facebook Groups

Facebook features a section where you will find groups, including the group you’re already in. To see your groups go to www.facebook.com or open the Facebook app on your phone. On your news feed, tap on the “groups” button at the left pane. At the left corner of the page you will see the groups you manage and your groups. Thus, to access other more groups tap on the “see more” tab. If you’re a business personnel or a marketer looking for the groups to help promote your business, there are over hundreds of groups you can join. Read the sections below to find the list of groups perfect for building your business.

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Facebook groups for business and marketers

Every group on Facebook has its own objective, rules, and directives on how to join. Before you join any group, try to find out the objective of the group. Most times depicts its objective as the name of the group. However, if you’re into business or you market people’s items or products. There are certain groups that can help you build your business. Here are the lists of groups for promoting your business online.

  • The rising tide society: The group was founded by Natalie Franke. It aims at enlightening and empowering members in the name of community over competition.
  • Blog Society: This is a perfect group to connect with other small businesses or bloggers. You will receive advice and also learn about creative biz, affiliate marketing and blogging. Thus, if you want to build your business via blog, you will learn how to blog from other members of the group
  • Online business Mastermind: This group allows you to ask questions concerning building your business and offers you outstanding answers that will help your business.
  • Inspired bloggers network: Inspires bloggers network is one of the popular FB groups, with good number of members. The platform is the best place for online entrepreneurs and bloggers to educate, advice themselves.
  • The smart passive Income community: In this platform members discuss online business, podcasting and podcasting. The platform has more than 30,000 members.

List of other groups

Other Facebook groups include:

  • Facebook ad hacks
  • Rock your Blog &Biz
  • Bloggers that profits
  • Work with class
  • EntrepreneursHustle
  • Niche Site Entrepreneurs

And many other you can search for directly from the search bar.

Benefits of Facebook group for business

When you create a Facebook business page for your Business their benefits you get from it, check out the benefits below:

  • It gives you straight line to your customer or potential customers. In your FB group, every person in the group is either your customer or fans. They are interested in the business you offer, that’s was the reason they joined the platform. You’ll be able to access your customers’ views or reviews on your business.
  • The platform helps you to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Use the platform to show your customers you care, by tracking their questions or encouraging them to keep patronizing your business. You can decide to do “give always” for them. These are tricks to build a strong relationship with your customers.
  • The group will help you to increase the number of people you reach on Facebook as you keep inviting people to join your group.

How to create a group on FB

Follow the steps below to create a normal fb group.

  • Navigate to facebook.com.
  • At the top of the page, click on “group” button.
  • Select the type of group you want to create.
  • Enter your group name and proceed
  • Add members
  • Proceed to select your privacy preference
  • Then tap on “create” button. You can custom your group using a cover photo and description.

After that, your group will be created in no time.

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To create a group on Android device:

  • Open the fb application on your Android
  • At the top of the homepage, click on the “+” sign
  • Type in your group name
  • Add members and select privacy option
  • Press on “create” button
  • To add friends, type in a friend name in the search tool and search
  • Click on the “add selected” button
  • Upload group cover photos

For iPhone

Below is the basic of creating a group on your iPhone:

  • Open the app
  • Tap on the menu button ( three horizontal lines) beneath
  • Then tap on “groups” widget
  • Tap on “create new group” button
  • Input the name you want for the platform
  • Select a privacy option
  • Tap on the “create” widget
  • Begin to search and add members
  • Upload cover photo and add description

With the above steps you can create a group on either of your devices.

How to create a Facebook group for your business

If you want to setup a group using your FB page as the admin follows the directives below:

  • Open Facebook app on your Android/iPhone
  • Go to your news feed and tap on the three horizontal lines. On Android you will find it at the top right corner while at the left bottom of the page for iPhone.
  • Click on “pages” button.
  • Select your page
  • Tap on the more button at the top of the page
  • Select “groups” tab
  • Then, click on “create group” tab.

Your group will be created and you can now add people, photo, policies and description.

For PC device:

This is how you can create a business group on your PC:

  • Go to your PC browser and key in facebook.com
  • Go to the left corner of the page and tap on “pages” button
  • Choose your page from the list of pages
  • Navigate to the left side and click e “groups” tab. If you can’t see the tab, tap on “manage your page” tab to view more tabs.
  • Tap on “create group” widget.
  • Navigate to complete the procedure by adding members and personalizing your group. Here you can add a cover image, policies and description.

And that’s how you can create a group on either of your devices.

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