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Facebook Icon- Facebook Icon Image | Add Icon to Website in 2020

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Facebook Icon? Facebook is the largest online platform that connects people together. It connects families, friends, businesses & customers together. Many people have brought their business and services online. So in other to promote their organization, that is why business owners get’s the Facebook icon. It is the “F” logo that signifies their presence on FB. Thus it can serve as a link to their business page on FB.

Facebook Icon- Facebook Icon Image | Add Icon to Website in 2020

Facebook Icon

Facebook icon (logo) is a symbol use that stands for Facebook. When you see the “F” icon, you don’t need anybody to tell you its Facebook. The Facebook symbol can also be to represent products such AA, websites, mobile app.

However, the basic use of the “F” icon is to promote your presence or that of your company on Facebook platform. Ask me how? Let’s take for instance, when you’re trying to draw people to business or services and you say “find us on Facebook” or “visit our fb page” and it links to your Facebook page, it’s official and proper to use the Facebook icon. So when your follower or audience sees the fb icon they will know that your business or services is connected to Facebook. The icon now serves as the means to identify your presence on the FB platform.

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Features of Facebook Icon

Here are some of the features that come with this icon:

  • You or your organization can attach the icon on your email campaign, blog or site to represent your presence of fb.
  • The “F” logo can also serve as means of communication. That is telling people that your business is on FB using “like us on Facebook” and “follow us on Facebook” statement.
  • It also serves as a means to bring audience to your event, profile or business page.
  • “F” can be used to represent your social channels.

It can be used alongside with other social channel. For you to use it together with another social channel logo you will make sure that the two icons (“f” and other social network icon) are of same size.

Facebook icon vector

The vector icons are icon that has infinite scalability feature. It can be scaled to fit wide print format or scaled downward to fit a smaller format.  Most people go for the vector design, not because of any other thing other than its ability to fit in all kinds of format, whether big or small. That means, the Facebook icon with vector design can fit on business card and a wide online display billboard.

Another outstanding feature of the fb icon with vector design is that it can be easily edited. On the process you may want the colour icon to your preferred colour, and also rearrange the components of the icon, you won’t find it difficult to effect these changes.

SVG, white and transparent

There are different format and colours of the “f” icon. You can search for your desired format or colour on the download website. You can see colours such as white, transparent, black and many more. You will also see them in the following format, SVG, EPS, CDR and AI.

How do I get Facebook Icon?

There is lots of website that you can get the fb icon, they include Pinterest, Shutter stock, seeklogo etc. I will be presenting few of them and how to get the icon from their Facebook.

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To get the icon from the Pinterest page it will require you to register to be able to download the icon.

  • Visit pinterest.com
  • Select the home tab
  • On Pinterest home page, locate the search bar
  • On the search bar type in “Facebookicon” and then search.
  • Select the category of the “f” icon you want to get.

When you find the image you want, hover on it and tap on the download tab.


To get the icon from this platform, follow the guide under

  • Progress toshutterstock.com
  • Move to the page top and type in “Facebookicon”
  • On the left side of the page to choose the colour and the format you want also
  • Find the image you want and click on it.
  • If you don’t have Shutter stock account, it will prompt you to register for one.

To register, provide your email address and password. Then tap on the red “download” button.

How to get icon from Seeklogo

Here is how to get the Facebook icon from the Seeklogo:

  • Launch your browser
  • On the search bar type in the following URL seeklogo.net/tag/Facebook
  • Look for the logo you want to get on the home page. Alternatively, use the search engine to find the logo
  • When you find it, tap on it.

Scroll beneath to the “download now” link and click on it.

How to get FB Logo on iconsdb.com

If you want to get the black or white logo from this site, you just need to follow these steps below

  • Go to your PC browser
  • To get the white logo, key in iconsdb.com/white-icons/white-facebook-icons.html
  • Navigate through the category field and select the type you want.
  • On the fresh Page you can change the colour to your preferred choice. Otherwise continue with the download process.
  • Click on the “need this icon to another colour” button.
  • Locate the download button and tap on it to begin to download.

There are many other sites you can get the Facebook icon from. But with ease, you can directly search for “Facebook icon” on Google and click on search. Varieties of the Facebook icon will be displayed.

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