Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Landing page is necessary for individual who wants an effective Facebook ads. Thus, when people click on your message, the landing page helps to keep them interested. However you can create this landing page with a third-party podium to enable you meet your expectation.

facebook landing page
facebook landing page

When visitors likes a page it takes them straight to the main page which is known as the landing page. So for your ads to be outstanding is best to direct your visitors to your landing page.

What is Facebook Landing page All about?

Facebook Landing page in a layman understanding is a destination people who click on a your Facebook advertisement are taking to. For instance, when people are promoted to like a page, before they can access their desired subject matter. It is within the landing page that your visitors gets the complete details of the ads, that will make them take your offer in exchange for a payment.

Why Is Facebook Landing page necessary?

If you have millions of people clicking on your ads on Facebook without directing them to your site, they might end up not getting the full information about what you are advertising. So what you advertise to your visitors produces as a give back to what you spend and your effort, if they can drive conversions.

However,if your visitor likes your ads and can’t find something attracting, they will still end up not converting. And this is the reason why you need a Facebook Landing page.

Tips For Outstanding landing page

To get the best landing page practice, read through the tips outlined below,

  • Always put the User intent in consideration. It is very important to think of their intent, because they can only go for what they see.
  • Ensure you focus on the key Visual. The image should be the number one focus, before you can now include a catchy headlines. This will help to attract people to your page.
  • Request for a lesser personal data . When your form has many data to be entered it can be tiring to the person, thereby making them Withdraw.
  • Make sure there’s visual and message continuity
  • Effective for mobile devices. We have large number of individuals that access Facebook using their mobile phones, so making your visitors to rotate their phones screen with a non responsive form, can discourage them. So ensure your landing page is mobile friendly.


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