Facebook Lead ads

Facebook Lead ads enables individuals indicate their interest in your product by providing their details in a form. Thus this service is known as the most excellent means of running the lead generation campaign on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

facebook lead ads
facebook lead ads

How Lead ads Works –lead ads on Facebook

Lead ads enables you to get your potential customer’s details or info. Information like, names, mobile contact, email address and lots more. On this platform, you can identify prospective customers by gathering sign-ups for business details, newsletters and price guess.

However, through Lead ads, it is easy to locate new customers for your business and to also find out what people want. You can get people to register for your business or program.

Facebook Lead ads benefits

  • With your mobile device it is easy to submit your contact info.
  • Easy to download your lead
  • Ability to get to the right individuals by pairing lead ads with audience selection.
  • Customize your lead ads form questions to suit your business.

Things To know

To Create an excellent lead ads campaign, ensure you get individual from your legal team to review the questions you want to ask on the form. And also make sure you can get to your business Facebook page, the name or URL of your business privacy policy and finally a photo for your ad.

How To Create Lead ads on Facebook

With Facebook ads manager you can setup and create your Facebook Lead generation ads. So to get started follow the directives below.

Steps to create

  • To locate Facebook ads manager page, navigate to www.facebook.com/business/ads/lead-ads
  • Click on“create ads” widget
  • Select “lead generation” to be your objective and give your campaign a title
  • Select the page you want to use for lead ad
  • Read and agree to the terms by taping on “view terms” button.
  • Choose your target audience, placements, budget and schedule. Ensure people you want to target Lead ads to, are 18 years old and above.
  • Choose one of the following, carousel, single image, video or slideshow as the format for your Lead ad.
  • Add the headline, body copy and a call to action.
  • Move downward and Press on “contact form” to include the form title, add an intro, questions etc.
  • Select the “settings” tab and “check mark” to collect organic leads.
  • Move to the top of the screen and click on “finish” widget and then “confirm”


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