Facebook Lite App | How it Works

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Facebook Lite App is a lighter version of Facebook app which comes as an alternative to the older standard version of Facebook app for those who may find the older version as a bit of a bore.

Facebook Lite App

What are the Unique Features of This App?

Just as the name implies Facebook Lite App is a lighter version of the old standard app and is designed for Android users who find the older app too bulky and power consuming.

Facebook Lite App has been stripped down in size and system resource requirements which makes it use less RAM, CPU as well as data.

This unique app can run on unstable or low speed internet connections.

The Lite App offers almost the same features as the older version and gives users a full Facebook experience with or without the best device, data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

How Does The App Work?

The App works almost the same way as does the older standard version of Facebook. Opening the app shows you your news feed, along with the main menu options and status update field at the top of the screen.

With Facebook Lite App, you can browse, like, comment, add friends and all other things you do on Facebook.

The Lite App even comes with recent features like “Stories”,  where you can add stories by clicking “AddStory” on your home feed, or “Reactions”,  by clicking to hold down the “Like” button on any button on any post which prompts up a set of six reactions you can choose from.

What are the Basic Differences Between Facebook Lite and Standard Facebook App?

Data & Wi-Fi: Facebook Lite uses less data, as photos render in lower resolution runs smoothly on 2G networks or in areas with bad signal, and videos are not set to autoplay and no automatic refresh feature. The standard app unlike lite, supports high quality media with a news feed that refreshes at regular intervals.

Interface:Lite interface looks less cluttered. The standard app on the other hand has a slightly more cluttered interface look to it.

Performance: Judging by app performance, lite uses less system resources and less power and loads fast runs smoothly as well as work efficiently. The standard app is a little bit slow depending on the device and connection.

App Size: Lite takes up about 95%, even though it varies[b1] by device. This is less storage space as compared to original app.

Battery Use: Lite according to Abdou Belghalem, uses less battery power as compared to the original app. This means lite can save over 50% battery power.

How Can I Download The Lite App?

Note this App is only available for now on Android devices from Google Play. For those who are signed into their Facebook account on other devices like (iOS, Android, web) or the same Android device using the standard Facebook app.

Use the following steps to download the App;

  • Go to Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Using the search field or your voice at the top, do a search for “Facebook Lite”
  • Choose the Facebook Lite app from your search results
  • Click the “Install” option. Wait for the app to install.
  • Once the app is installed completely, click “open”
  • Key in your login details for your Facebook account into the fields provided and thereafter, tap the “Log in” link.



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