Facebook Lite App – Facebook Lite App Download

Facebook Lite app is another type of Facebook application that is set up for lesser data and storage consumption. The app is totally different from the traditional Facebook app, it occupies little space on a mobile phone.

Facebook Lite App

Facebook Lite App

 the Facebook Lite app comes with outstanding features to give you a better chatting experience. This app enables you to access the Fb platform with your old mobile device as it offers an amazing Internet flow, most especially where there is a bad network. So to have nothing to bother about when traveling to remote or rural areas, the Fb Lite has your back with its Internet connection service for a great experience.

Facebook Lite App Download

Facebook Lite app is available for all Android and iOS device users. Navigate to the google play store or Apple App Store to get the free mobile app compatible with your device. To learn how to download the application, go through the section beneath.

How to download the Lite app on iOS|Android device

To get this amazing app on your iOS or iPhone, follow the instructions provided below

Download for iOS devices

  • To get the app on your iPhone, iPad iPod
  • Get your device
  • Move straight to the app store platform
  • Look for the search tool and then Key in “Facebook Lite” in the field.
  • Click on the enter button, to begin to search for the app.
  • The list of Fb related apps will show on the page, click on the first app on the page
  • You will see the “Get” button
  • The application will start to download
  • After downloading you can decide to launch it at the moment or launch it later.

Download for Android devices

If you are using an android mobile phone, it has very easy and simple steps to download. Follow this very procedure to get the application.

  • Get your Android mobile device
  • Go to the phone menu and click on the “play store” icon or box
  • Fill in “Facebook Lite” in the search section above.
  • It will take you to the page that comes with all the app that relates to the app you searched for.
  • From the list of results, click on the Facebook Lite app it is usually the first on the screen.
  • When you click on the app you will see it’s features and version etc.
  • Click on the install widget to begin download. Launch the application or skip it to launch it later.

To access the account, open the app you downloaded on your device, you will see the login section, go there and enter the details for logging in then hit the login button again.


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