Facebook Lite Mobile | Download Facebook Lite for iOS and Android

Facebook Lite Mobile is an application that helps users save data while using the Fb platform. Facebook Lite is different from normal Facebook, users with lesser storage space can easily use the Fb Lite mobile app because it does not consume space like normal Facebook. However, with this mobile app, you can access the Fb platform anywhere, anytime with your Android, iPhone,iPad or iPod devices.

Facebook Lite Mobile

Facebook Lite Mobile

this mobile app provides you with amazing features that will give you quality communication and interactive experience on the platform. For people with old or outdated mobile phones can take advantage of the Lite app, the app runs very well where theirs is a bad or slow network connection. It means even you are in a remote area you can still access your Fb account. We all know that remote areas always have issues with the network, it turns out that Internet connection is those areas mostly poor, that is why you will need the Facebook Lite mobile app for your device, so you won’t miss out when you visit remote areas.

Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite runs perfectly on both iOS and Android devices, to get the app for these devices you will have to navigate to the app market where you download all manner of apps. So to get the free mobile application for your iOS device, a walk to the Apple app store will do, While the play store is for Android devices.

DownloadFacebookLite forAndroid and iOS devices

To download the Lite mobile application on your Android device or iOS, as I said above, you must visit the store place for apps, however, the section below will give you the full details on how to get it.

Steps to Download App on Android devices

Open your mobile device.

Tap to open the “play store”.

Go and Fill in “Facebook Lite” in the search field above.

You will be taken to the result page, you will see the app and other related apps.

You know what you are looking for, normally the app you searched for on this platform used to be at the top, which is the first app on the result page. Simply click on it.

After clicking on the app you will see it’s features and version. Navigate and tap on the install widget to begin download.

for iPhone, iPad or iPod

  • Open your iPhone, iPad or iPod
  • Progress to the Apple app store platform
  • Find the search engine, then type in “Facebook Lite” in the field.
  • Tap on the enter tab, to start searching for the app.
  • A menu of Facebook-related applications will show on the next screen,
  • Goto the first app on the screen.
  • Find the “Get” tab and click on it.
  • The app will begin to download
  • After installing, if you want to access the platform, click on the “open” button.


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