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Facebook Live Radio

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Facebook Live Radio makes listening to world best online free radio station and your favorite AM, FM, Internet radio more fun. Users, now have a fun, engaging way of connecting with their followers and also grow their audience.

Facebook Live Radio

What are the advantages of engaging with Facebook Live Radio?

  • You can now present what’s happening inside your studio, to effectively engage with your audience.
  • Facebook Live Radio, now has more popularity in less than 8 months by over 330%.
  • Users can now listen to world best online free radio station and their favorite AM, FM and Internet Radio via Facebook Live Radio.

How do I set up Facebook Live Radio?


  • A computer (Mac or Windows)  with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)  installed
  • A Facebook page
  • A stable Internet connection.

How to set up OBS for Streaming

  • Immediately you install OBS, a default view, will be displayed. Start by creating a scene, to start adding your webcams and audio inputs.
  • Next add a video feed (your webcam)  as well as the output from the mixing desk, where you have a few microphones and a music source.
  • Create your scene, bytapping the + button in the sources box. A list of options, will popup,choose“Video Capture Device”.
  • Name the device
  • Immediately you click “OK”, choose your video device from the drop down menu and tap onthe “Ok” option.
  • Nowthat the webcam, is added to the video space, youto get the video resized, and positioned however you like, by dragging it around.
  • Tap the + tab, and thereafter click “Audio Input Capture”
  • Thereafter, choose the audio device of your choice
  • Thenadd your station’s logo in image source using the + menu.

Create Live Video On Your Facebook Page

  • Start by logging into your Facebook page
  • Next, choose Publishing Tools, set at the top of the navigation bar. In the left menu, click on the Video Library option in the Videos Section.
  • Click on the + Live button in the top right corner, to begin your video setup. Two options will pop up, copy the text inside the Stream Key box under Separate Fields.

Adding the Stream Key to OBS

Return back to OBS, with the stream key you copied in the main window and tap on “Settings” on the right-hand side. A window pops up, tap on “Stream and change the Service drop-down menu to Facebook Live” and paste the key into the “Stream Key” field.

Clickon “Ok” to save your changes.

Completing the Facebook Video Setup

  • If the window is still open with a Single and Separate Fields, click on “Next”, tohave an option presented whereyou can add a title and tags to your video. Here, you can also set up Audience Restrictions, to specify age ranges, locations and languages.
  • Immediately you are certain that you are ready to connect, navigate back to OBS and choose “Start Streaming”, this will have OBS connect to Facebook after about 30 seconds based on your connections speed. You will see a preview once you connect.
  • Then tap on the “Go Live” option, on Facebook, to start, or schedule the live video for later if you want to prepare beforehand.

How do I broadcast with Facebook Live for my Radio Station?

Just click on the “Go Live” option, to have your audience, tune in and enjoy your broadcasts with you. During your show, listeners can then comment in real time, send reactions, and share your video. You also have access to see how many people are watching.

Once your video is complete, it will become available in your video library once the processing is complete, you can then share it with listeners that may have missed out on your live show.

Looking for ways on how listeners can really interact with your broadcasts? Try Facebook Radio.

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