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Facebook Marketplace Chicago

Facebook Marketplace Chicago is a place where different kind of people come together to make purchases and sells as well. It’s available to only Facebook users who base in Chicago to take advantage of the service. On this platform they can be able to market their items, giving room for individuals who wants to buy products from these companies online with their Facebook account.

facebook marketplace chicago

What is Facebook Marketplace All about?

Facebook Marketplace is an online location where users come together to sell their products and make purchases too.Facebook does not have place in presiding over or controlling transactions, it is strictly for users to work it out themselves. With this service you don’t stress your self unlike the physical marketplace where you walk round and round in other to get what you want with the sweat and hold up, but here you sit under your AC and make your transactions with ease.


  • All transactions are made online
  • Individuals can browse for items to buy
  • Searchfor sale products via location and type
  • Users can create photos of their products right on the app
  • You can access older and newer transactions in the items platform
  • Individuals can send messages to sellers or buyers to organize transactions

How do I Locate Facebook Marketplace Chicago?

Facebook Marketplace is not available in every location, but the good news is that it is usable forFb users in Chicago.All you need is to open Fb account by downloading Facebook app on your Android, iPhone or computer devices before you can access the marketplace

How To Create Facebook account

This is the first step to take to get started with buying and selling in FacebookMarketplace Chicago, so if you don’t have Fb account already follow the steps below

  • Search for
  • Go to create
  • Key in your Names, phonenumber or email address, enter a new password and then your date of birth
  • Click to select your Sex
  • Tap on the “sign up” tab and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the sign up

How do I Access Facebook Marketplace

After you have created a Facebook account accessing the marketplace is now very easy. I will be showing you how you to sell or buy products using the Fb app on your computer, Android and iPhone devices.

Access Facebook Marketplace Chicago with your Computer

  • Go to Facebook website
  • Move to the left corner of the screen and click on “Marketplace” widget
  • Set up Your location
  • Select from the options (buy/sell)
  • Key in the product details and then post
  • If you want to buy products, you are to locate the item and contact the seller as well.

Access Marketplace with your Android phone

  • Launch the Fb app on your phone
  • Tap on the “Shop icon”
  • Click on “buy or sell”
  • Type in your item info and post, For sellers. While buyers will find the item they want to buy and contact the seller.

Get to Fb Marketplace Chicago With Your iPhone Device

  • Open Fb app on your iPhone
  • Click on the menu tab represented with the three horizontal lines
  • Select “Marketplace” widget
  • Choose  buy or sell
  • Set location
  • Give details of the item you want to sell and then post
  • Find the item you want to buy and get in contact with the seller

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