Facebook Marketplace Dallas

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Facebook Marketplace Dallas is an online classifieds service that enables users to sell and buy items directly from the Facebook app or website. It’s available for Facebook users in Dallas, Texas, sellers use this medium to market their items, providing room for individuals who wants to buy products.

facebook marketplace dallas

Facebook Marketplace? 

Fb Marketplace matches user interested in buying items from seller, thereby establishing communication and negotiate a payment medium and other things like where the trading will take place. All you need is to have a Facebook account, then you are good to go.


  • Buying and selling is made easy in Dallas
  • Sellers market their items online
  • You don’t encounter traffic when buying items unlike the physical Marketplace
  • With your Android, iOS or PC you can make transactions in your home
  • Sellers don’t walk Street to Street before they can sell their products.


  • Make sure you have a smartphone or computer
  • You much have a Facebook account
  • Individual must be 18 years old and above.

How To Sell On Facebook Dallas tx

  • Navigate to your computer browser and search for www.facebook.com
  • From the menu Select “Marketplace” button at the screen left corner
  • Tap on “sell something” tab
  • Fill in the blank spaces with the details of your item
  • Click on “what are selling” tab to enter the product title
  • Tap “price” widget to add item price
  • Type in location on the field.
  • Press on “select a category” button and choose from the menu
  • If you want to give further description of your products, click on “describe your item” widget
  • Select “+10 photos” tab to add the image of the item
  • Click on “next” and then post

How To Sell products on Facebook Marketplace on phone

Facebook Marketplace Dallas can be accessed within Fb app on iOS and Android device. You just need to login to your Facebook account to gain access to this service.

  • On your smartphone/tablet, Open the Fb app
  • Click on the “three lined” icon representing menu. Is located at the top of the page for Android device while beneath for iOS
  • Tap “Marketplace” button.
  • Choose “sell” tab
  • Select your item category
  • Click on “Add photos” widget to include photo, you can search for images on your phone gallery or take a new picture within the app.
  • Hit on “Done” widget
  • Select the category that matches your product
  • Click on “title” to add item name
  • Tap on “location” to include location
  • Press “description” to key in your item info
  • You can add products and offer delivery
  • Click on “next” button and then publish


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