Facebook Marketplace furniture for sale

Facebook Marketplace furniture is a category in the marketplace , where Facebook users advertise and sell furniture to other users within the app. what do we mean by furniture? Furniture is a movable object used to equip house to suit a living. furniture includes, desks, tables, chairs, beds, cupboards etc. So do you wants to remove unwanted furniture from your house and then replace it with a new one?this platform is perfect for you. Moreover you will be learning how to sell or buy items online with your Facebook account.

facebook marketplace furniture

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online Store that is created for Fb users .That is, people within a locality gather to buy or sell items on Facebook.However owners of marketable items makes listing of their items online for prospective buyer to view and make purchases.

Outstanding features

  • Ability to buy and sell stuffs from individual around your neighborhood
  • Sellers set the price of the item for sale
  • Buyers are free to bargain
  • Users discovers variety of products within Facebook Marketplace Community
  • All transactions are made online.
  • Individuals gets comforts in Marketplace.
  • Sellers advertise their stuff on this platform

Benefits Of Facebook Marketplace furniture

  • Buying and selling is made easy
  • It’s reliable and efficient
  • Get to advertise your furniture online
  • Free from hold-up when purchasing furniture unlike the physical Marketplace
  • You can make transactions right at home
  • Free listing.

Requirements To Sale furniture on Marketplace

  • Have a Compatible device
  • Must be 18 years old and above
  • You must have a Facebook account

Fb Marketplace Furniture for sale?

If Facebook Marketplace is available in your country then You can access all furniture available for sale within you neighborhood.However on this platform you can find furniture like, office furniture 4 style desks, couches, sofas, sectionals leather sofa and love seat for sale and so on. Therefore, you just need to login to your Facebook account and then find the categories tab to add the item .

How To Sell On Marketplace  with Computer

  • Search for www.facebook.com
  • Tap menu and then click “Marketplace” button at the left corner
  • Select “sell something” tab
  • Enter the furniture details
  • Key in title, add item price, location
  • Press “select a category button and then select furniture as the category.
  • Select “+10 photos” tab to add the image of the item
  • Tap on “next” and then post.

Sell on Facebook Marketplace furniture with Phone

There’s nothing difficult in Selling furniture on Facebook , simply login to your account and then find your way to the market.

  • Open the Fb app on your Android/iOS
  • Tap the “three lined” icon representing menu.So for Android device, you can find it at the top of the page while beneath for iOS
  • Click the “Marketplace” tab
  • Select “sell” tab
  • Navigate and choose furniture as the category.
  • Click on “Add photos” tab to add image.
  • Tap “Done” 
  • Select the category that tarries with your item from the list of categories.
  • Add title, price, location and products description
  • Click on “next” button and then post.


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