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Facebook Marketplace Green Bay – Facebook Marketplace Green Bay Categories

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There’s good news for Green Bay residents who wish to shop on Facebook Marketplace Green Bay. Residents of Green Bay can find local deals on Furniture in Wisconsin using Facebook Marketplace. They can also find new and used chairs, dressers, sofas, etc. This site also plays host to cars, trucks &  motorcycle, new and used sedans, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, etc.

Facebook Marketplace Green Bay

Facebook Marketplace Green Bay Categories

You can shop in the following categories on Facebook Marketplace Green Bay;

Electronics, Deals, Family, Classifieds, Clothing & Accessories, Entertainment, Hobbies, Home & Garden, Vehicles and Housing.

Things You Need To Consider When Selling on Facebook Marketplace Green Bay

  • Anticipate lots of communication/messages from buyers.
  • You must order within 3 days and received it within 7 days.
  • Facebook Marketplace does not sync with all eCommerce.

Selling on the Facebook Marketplace green Bay can be done as an individual or as a merchant.

For Big Commerce Merchants

  • Prepare your store for the sync by ensuring inventory is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Then navigate to your Big Commerce store control panel. Then scroll to your Channel Manager and select the Facebook icon.
  • From there, you’ll notice a box that details the rules of the Marketplace. Then click on the option to click a button to say you’re interested.
  • Immediately you click, you are good to go.

 Facebook’s Marketplace will start the review process. This will give Facebook time to ascertain whether or not your products are suitable to sell on the Marketplace. This process takes less than a week.

Currently, access to Facebook Marketplace by Big Commerce Merchants is limited to those who sell in the following categories;

  • Accessories
  • Apparel (Men & Women)
  • Baby & Kids
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Beauty (Women)
  • Home Furnishings.

For Individual

  • All items displayed for Sale on Marketplace must align with Facebook Commerce Policies.
  • Mark an item as “Free”, by entering 0 as the price.

How to Sell

  • Press the “Marketplace” option in the left column of the News Feed.
  • As the field is displayed, enter a title for your listing, the price, your location, and a category for the item
  • Follow it up, by tapping on the +10 photos option, to upload a photo of your item from your computer.
  • Complete the process by tapping on “Post”. If the “Post” option is grayed out, just include a title, price, location, photo, and category.

This is one great destination for all your must-have and rare find items.

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