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Facebook Marketplace Jobs/Facebook Jobs posting

Facebook Marketplace Jobs is simply a place individuals or companies get to advertise jobs so that people who are seeking for job can apply. Fb have about 1.7 billion users, meaning that lots of people can view posts on Facebook, which makes Facebook the best platform for job advert.By using this service companies can post straight on Fb and then hire fresh employee.

facebook marketplace jobs
facebook marketplace jobs

Job search have been the order of the day for youth and adult,people mostly search for “jobs near me” but there’s nothing to worry about because Facebook is best online platform they can search for jobs near.

Tips for job Posting on Facebook Marketplace

  • You have to focus on the length when posting job advert on Facebook, in as much there’s no particular length given for Facebook Posts. Always ensure your first paragraph draws the attention of the reader, otherwise the reader can get tired of reading down. But once you provide the important information in the beginning it can make the reader to read further.
  • Upload attractive image Facebook post , photos thatwill display to job seekers the reason they should work for you. For instance, image that shows beautiful working environment, and other perks.
  • You can upload a GIF by pasting the link on the status update or adding a video.

How To Post jobs

You can post your job advert online by accessing the marketplace home page, you can locate the jobs category. Facebook users who’s Facebook Marketplace is available in their location can easily search and find jobs near them.Note, When describing the job you can direct job candidates to apply through email, Facebook job posting page or your job board posting.

Facebook Jobs posting

Still on Facebook Jobs posting on Marketplace, follow directives below,

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or go to your browser and search for
  • Locate the menu icon, it can be on top or below the screen
  • Find the “Marketplace” tab and tap on it
  • Navigate to “job category” button
  • Click on “post” button
  • A form will be displayed on the screen for you to fill, it includes job title, description, picture and video.
  • Select “job” in the category section
  • Choose the function of the job, example accounting, sales, Secretary, marketing and more as the sub category
  • Key in the name of the company, job title, type and finally the location.
  • When you are done, you can now post

How do I Find Facebook Marketplace Jobs?

Find jobs near you? With Facebook Marketplace you can find jobs near you, without delay. But you must know that this Marketplace service is not available in all countries, if you can’t find the marketplace icon on your Facebook it means the service is not available in your location, nevertheless you can find jobs advert on the mere Fb page.

Follow the steps below to search and find jobs near you

  • On the Facebook Marketplace home page, Search for “jobs”
  • Select job type or industry
  • On the right column, tap subscribe, so that you can get notification on new or available job
  • To access companies page to see if there’s a job advert, simply Progress to the left column of the page and press on “jobs” tab.

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