An online platform for purchasing goods and services on Facebook is known as “Facebook Marketplace”. It is a feature on the Facebook platform. is a Marketplace, which the users in Maine can discover, explore, buy and sell products and items. With Facebook Marketplace Maine you can go through a listing and find great items that are up for sales and also sell any items when you register as a seller on the platform. Facebook Marketplace is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your locality to log in to your Facebook account.

Facebook Marketplace Maine

However, Facebook Marketplace Maine can be access through Android and iOS phones, desktop or on a laptop. But is not available worldwide. Facebook Marketplace can only be found in 85 countries for now, but we hope soonest it will definitely be found globally.

Although, the Facebook Marketplace is not available worldwide for now just a few countries like the USA, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany India, Sweden, Switzerland and many more locations that are not mentioned here.

Facebook Marketplace Categories

There are categories you can search to find items you want to buy. When searching or browsing for an item. You can use the category option to find them by category. The categories include:

  • Vehicles,
  •  Home & Garden,
  • proprieties to rent,
  • Home scales,
  • Entertainment,
  • clothing & Accessories,
  •  family,
  • Electronics,
  •  Hobbies, Classifieds.

How do I get to Facebook Marketplace?

For you to reach the Facebook market on your Facebook page, first you must create an account. There are several means to create a Facebook account. It can be through a Mac laptop, on your smartphone. To create a Facebook account follow these simple steps below:

  • Through the Facebook websites with the browser on your laptop or smartphone
  • Then enter which is the official website of Facebook
  • Create a Username, your first name
  • Then, type in your email address and a password
  • Provide your date of birth, choose your gender in the last box
  • Click on “Sign Up” button to create your account
  • You will be asked to verify your account with a six-digit number
  • Then wait for the code to arrive. It will be sent to your email account inbox.
  • Copy and paste in the confirmation box and click verify.

How To Sell an  Items on Facebook Marketplace

If you want to sell anything on FacebookMarketplace, you must create a public listing on the platform and it will be seen in the News Feed, Search and other places. However, all listing on the Marketplace and buy and sell groups must follow our Facebook policies.

  • Go to
  • On the menu bar click the “Marketplace” widget
  • Then, click on the “Sell Something” link
  • Click on “Item to Sale” button
  • Next, key in your listing title, the price, your location and category of your item for sale,
  • Add description
  • Upload your product photos
  • And then, click on “Post”
  • Add price, location, photo, and category

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