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Facebook Marketplace Oahu

Facebook Marketplace Oahu is where people who live in Oahu come together to buy and sell digitally. Oahu is a US Island in the part of the Hawaiian Island. Marketplace makes it easy to buy and sell to individuals living near you. So with your Facebook account you can find products or services you want and also sell items you no longer need.

facebook marketplace oahu


Categories is one of the features in Marketplace page, for sellers and buyers. However listing are in categories such as, Entertainment, Housing, Vehicles, Hobbies, Clothing and Accessories, Classifieds, Electronics, Home & garden, Family, Deals.

Moreover, Placing items or services in different categories enables buyers to find what they are looking for without stress and also for sellers to be able to classify their products by placing them to the category they belong to.

Marketplace App

Are you wondering how you can get marketplace app on your phone?Nevertheless, there’s no special app designed for Marketplace only, rather marketplace is located with Fb app, as far as this service is available in your country or location, and you also have a Facebook account, then you are eligible for this online marketplace.

How To Get Marketplace Oahu

Login to your account, go to “” and Key in your email address and password, then sign in. So on the Facebook homepage, look at the top of the screen and you will see an icon that looks like a shop, click on it. And then take pictures of the items for sale and add information about it and post. Moreover, If you want to purchase a product, simply Locate it and then establish communication with the seller.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace Oahu

  • browser for
  • Go to menu and then Select “Marketplace” button at the screen left corner
  • Tap on “sell something”
  • Fill spaces with the details of your item
  • Click“what are selling”to enter the title
  • Press “price” widget to add item price
  • Type in location on the field.
  • Tap “select a category” button and choose from the menu.
  • Select “+10 photos” and then add the image of the item
  • Click on “next”
  • then post

Facebook Marketplace Rules–Oahu

Read the rules below to know what is allowed or not allowed in the marketplace .

  • Do not sell items like, Adult services, Animals, Event tickets, health care products, Tobacco, Alcohol, Unsafe supplements, illegal drugs prescription , weapons
  • sellers are to sell physical item. However, examples of non physical products are, lost & found post, news, “in search of” post and jokes
  • the title and description of the product must tarry with the image you uploaded
  • before and after photos of the product you list out for sale are not allowed. For instance uploading picture showing weight loss

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