Facebook Marketplace Payment Options

Facebook Marketplace Payment options are the same as Craigslist. Basically, Facebook officially announces it’s new payment service via Messenger application. Here users can now send friends money through the app.No fee of commission after you key in an optional PINr or Touch ID for an extra layer of protection.

Facebook Marketplace Payment

What Are Facebook Marketplace Payments Options?

Facebook Marketplace payment options are available on the Facebook page. It is recommended that you use cash to cash, person-to-person payment methods. If you choose to make payments electronically using wire transfer or money order solutions, avoid payment links and log in directly through the payment methods website.

However, current Facebook users can link their debit card to the messenger app’s settings section and send mobile peer-to-peer payments to their friends by striking up a conversation. Once two friends engage in dialogue, a “$” icon will appear above the keyboard. All users have to do is enter the amount they wish to transfer and also select the option for payment.

Additionally, Facebook payments users can also sell and complete the transaction with third party persons or companies that advertise their products on the platform as well. Once the payment is successfully processed, Facebook transfers the value of the transaction to the individual offering the services to the consumer wishes to buys.

How do I Log In to Facebook Marketplace?

However, when you log in to the Facebook Marketplace, you will see photos of products for sale listed by people living in your neighborhood. These items are listed by an extended network of Facebook users, not only your friends. There’s also a built-in location tool so that you can extend your product search to other regions, or other cities also. All of the products for sale on Facebook are at your fingertips.

Facebook Marketplace – how To Search and make Payments

Also, when searching for a particular item, you can set filters at the top of the page to search for a particular type of product, area of price. There’s also a search window, much like the one used for finding people or groups, but this one can find the tie-dye macrame plant holder of your dreams. You can also search or browse by category such as Electronics and Apparel, household items, see what’s for sale near you. However, by tapping on the product’s image, you can pull up a description of the product that you’re interested in and the details about the vendor which includes name, profile photo, and their approximate location. Any other further details are not displayed.

To make purchases of such items, contact the vendor by sending them a direct message from the marketplace. This is where the real deal. Facebook basically connects buyers and sellers and then steps aside. Price, delivery network and payment bargaining are figured out by both parties (the buyer and the seller). Facebook marketplace payment options are strictly determined by the seller and buyer. Whichever one, Venmo, PayPal, Cash, credit card or a barter system to pay for the item is entirely up to the consumer and the merchant. There’s no built-in payment system.

Steps on How To Sign up for Facebook Account

There are a few channels to sign up for a Facebook account, through a Mac laptop, Web Browser, Facebook App, etc. Below are a few listed mediums to create a Facebook Account

By A Browser

  • Access Facebook websites with the browser on your device
  • Then enter www.facebook.com which is the official website of Facebook
  • Create a Username, your first name
  • Then, type in your email address and a password
  • Provide your date of birth, choose your gender in the last box
  • Click on “Sign Up” button to create your account
  • Verify your account with a six-digit number
  • Then wait for the code to arrive in your email inbox.
  • Copy and paste in the confirmation box and click verify.

With all this process, you have successfully created a Facebook account. Create the account to ensure you key in the right information or details to avoid errors when creating the account.

How Do I Access Facebook Marketplace

Accessing Facebook Marketplace is very simple and easy. Except it is not available in your own country. Here are the steps to follow below:

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Click to see more below at the left corner of your screen
  • There you will see the Marketplace button.
  • Click on it to buy or sell your product

Therefore, with the simple steps above, you have successfully found the marketplace page on Facebook.

How To Post Items For Sale in Facebook Marketplace

Selling any item in Marketplace is just as easy as browsing for one, very simple

  • Take a photo of your item, or add it from your camera roll
  • Key in a product name, description and price
  • Confirm your location and select a category
  • Then post.

Now anyone from your area searching can find your item and message you if they want to buy it you can also post to Marketplace and a specific buy and sell groups although.

To keep track of all of your current and past transactions in the marketplace, visit the item section. There you will be able to view your saved items, products you’ve posted for sale, and all your messages with your clients.


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