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Facebook Marketplace Reviews

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Facebook Marketplace Reviews is an evaluation of products and services in online marketplace. Facebook provided a new features that enables users to buy and sell items locally or with individuals in their neighborhood .

facebook marketplace reviews

How does Facebook Marketplace works – Reviews

It is very easy to use the Facebook Marketplace, if this Facebook service is available in your country, simply Locate the marketplace icon which is represented with a shop or house image, here you can now decide on selling or buying items.  However users can only purchase item from people within their community only. That’s why it is known as a local online marketplace for Facebook users.

Buying and selling made Easy – facebook Marketplace Reviews

Facebook Marketplace Reviews on buying and selling?  In Marketplace buying and selling is very simple. To Sell items, right on the marketplace page Select “sell” Key in your listing, location, category, description and price. Upload the item photo and then post. To buy Click “buy” find the item and then contact the seller for further information. So You can see that buying or selling products online is not difficult, within few seconds you are done.

What Are things to avoid when selling

  • Do not post more than three listing a day
  • Avoid posting inaccurate prices
  • Not responding to prospective buyers messages
  • Posting links in your listing.
  • publishing and logging in from different IP addresses, phone or phones you don’t totally login from.

Facebook marketplace review-Why will people use it?

The issue of safety and privacy, made people to think if people will actually take the advantage of this Marketplace. Users might abandon products due to lack of in-built payment feature. With this feature included with will encourage spontaneous buying. It can do with some review system, because users can only see the product available for sale, but there’s no indication on how reliable those items are. This can be discouraging potential buyers, trust is very important.

Reviewing Marketplace challenges

Trying to To review the possible challenges users can face in the marketplace.

  • Buyers who are out for bargain, that is offering a very low price than the the one listed. In this case, how can one differentiate between a serious buyer and one who is out for bargain
  • The issue of private reviews, the fact that Users are allowed to decide if their reviews will be visible to other people in the marketplace or not . however I think to build trust is very necessary in this platform, or am I wrong? In

How To Improve

  • Fair negotiation, Aspiring buyers should be fair in offering a prices, to save time.
  • Facebook Marketplace Users should be able to make their reviews visible.
  • Always respond to customers on time

Facebook Marketplace reviews – Stay Safe

  • Avoid sharing financial info with buyers or sellers
  • Always meet with buyer or seller in a safe place
  • Ensure you verify items before making payments
  • Use Cash or person to person payment procedure

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