Facebook Marketplace San Diego

Facebook Marketplace San Diego is an online marketplace where buying and selling takes place. San Diego is a city in California, also the eight largest city in US. Marketplace is available for Facebook users who reside in San Diego,it features traders, dealers, companies, businesses and so on.

facebook marketplace San Diego
Facebook marketplace San Diego

How Does Facebook Marketplace works in San Diego

In Marketplace San Diego, transactions are not carried out by Facebook, however individual who have interest in buying products are matched with the seller, leaving them to negotiate. Sellers creates a free product listing on Fb Marketplace, which includes the image of the item, details and price. Those who are have interest in buying  sees the listing and then Pres on “ask for details” widget to get necessary information about the product, then contact the seller for negotiation. After bargaining, they can discuss on the medium of payment and how to meet to exchange the item for payment.

Note, this Marketplace is only available for Fb users within San Diego.

Facebook Marketplace App?

Lots of people have been asking on how to get the marketplace app on their phone, however there’s nothing like Facebook Marketplace app, the marketplace is located in the Fb app, once you have a Facebook account and the service is available for your location, you can easily Locate it when you login to your account.

How To Get Facebook Marketplace

Follow the steps below to access the marketplace.

  • Proceed to www.facebook.com, while on iOS and Android device, tap to open the app,
  • Click on the “menu bar’, either at the top or bottom of the screen. Click on “see more” for mobile device.
  • Press on “Marketplace” icon
  • You can now Select on buy or sell option

Items you can Sell On Facebook Marketplace San Diego

  • Furniture
  • Hobbies
  • Cars
  • Collectibles
  • Toys
  • Cleaning service
  • Electrical Service etc

items you can’t sell on Facebook

  • Unreal product, that is items that cannot be felt or touched, for instance, post, lost and found posts, news, jokes.
  • Sales of animals are prohibited
  • Equipment for health care for example, first aid kits etc.are not allowed on Facebook Marketplace
  • You can’t sell a service or event tickets without Facebook written permission. You can read the policies on event tickets and services.
  • Product that includes it’s before and pictures are not allowed. Example image showing Spotless face or body, weight loss and lots more.

Tips for selling On Facebook Marketplace San Diego

  • Ensure you give a complete detail of the item you want to sell
  • Make sure the image you upload gives a clear picture of the product, you can snap more pics to get every part seen.
  • For already used item like, cloth, ensure it is clean, you can iron them as well to make it look attractive or worth buying.
  • Always agree with the buyer on the item price and the place to meet before meeting.
  • Before accepting payment, allow the buyer to view the item to ensure it’s the product they want.


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