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Facebook Marketplace Vs Craigslist – Social Media

by cardshure

Facebook Marketplace Vs Craigslist social media marketing platform. The two social media marketing giants. These two sites are popular when it comes to online marketing. The big social media platform Facebook opens its marketing platform. Facebook Marketplace took over other social platforms and becomes a great alternative to others. Although Craigslist on the other is also a strong social networking site for businesses. In this article, we shall be comparing here Facebook Marketplace Vs Craigslist. The two social networking sites. Let get to know the two networking platform better.

Facebook Marketplace Vs Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace Definition

Facebook Marketplace is an online shopping channel, a place where business transactions take place. Where users buy and sell from each other locally.

As of May 2018, Marketplace was used in more than 70 different countries by more than 800 million people each month. With Facebook Marketplace users to get to discover, buy, and sell different goods and items on the Marketplace. Also, with Facebook account, each person can see the profile of the persons they having business transactions dealings.

Craigslist Definition

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with various sections that are offering services such as jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, resumes, and discussion forums.

Also, Craigslist begins in 1995 firs as an email distribution list to friends, showcasing local events in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, in 2010 Craigslist had about 49.4 million visitors in the United States alone. In 2016, the platform site serves more than 20 billion page views per each month.

Facebook Vs Craigslist Comparison

It is Users Friendly

 Facebook Marketplace allows you to filter all posts by category, city, classifieds, etc. Craigslist also does the same. They both have search tools and they are mobile-friendly and easy to access.

Number of Users

When compared Facebook Marketplace has a larger number of users than the Craigslist. Hence, businesses on Facebook Marketplace received a more prompt response. Higher selling opportunity is more on Facebook Marketplace than Craigslist.


Craigslist provides over 100 categories on its platform. While Facebook Marketplace has just close to 20 categories. In Facebook Marketplace if the category is known among users, your post will be seen on Fb Marketplace. On Craigslist your post remains on the main page of the category until 10 persons create an ad in the same category as your own.


Facebook Marketplace post is hard to find on search engines. But Craigslist posts are indexed by Google search engine and this gives your business more publicity. Although, Facebook is a big social networking platform but Google still has more visitors each month than Facebook.


In terms of fees Facebook does not support premium listing. But if you create a page or group, you can create an ad, Craigslist allows you to create premium ads. Craigslist charges $5 for creating ads for some cities and categories.

Communication with Buyers and Sellers

There is effective communication between facebook marketplace buyers and sellers. They chat in real-time site Shares pictures, videos, etc. Craigslist does not provide a real-time chatting application. You communicate only via mails. There is no Craigslist Android or IOS app.

In conclusion, if you’re using the Internet for your business. Do you want to increase the volume of your sales? Do you want to access certain targeted audiences? Then, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are one of the ideal platforms.

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