Facebook Marketplace Yuma az

Facebook Marketplace Yuma az? Facebook provides a place for people residing in Yuma Arizona to purchase and sell items within Fb app. Yuma is a city located in Arizona, United States. However in this article you will learn how to access the marketplace to buy or sell items with people in your locality.

facebook marketplace Yuma az

What is Facebook Marketplace

You might be hearing about this Fb marketplace and you don’t know what it’s all about, nevertheless you are in the right place. Facebook Marketplace is simply a digital Marketplace where Facebook users come to buy and sell products right inside the Facebook app. However, based on this online service It is important to know that Facebook does not preside over or control transactions, nevertheless is strictly for users to work it out themselves. So users are free from series of stress people encounter when purchasing or selling in the physical marketplace.


  • sellers don’t pay for listing
  • Users don’t have to pay for shopping space or store before they can make sells.
  • It covers millions of users within Fb app
  • Stress free during selling or purchases
  • Sell on this platform and get thousands of customers
  • You get to sell items you don’t need anymore

How Facebook Marketplace Yuma Arizona Works

Facebook Marketplace is available for users within the City of Yuma Arizona. So within this app You can users can make a listing of the products or items on the marketplace for people interested in them to see and declare their interest. However this platform makes it very easy for individuals to make their money without going to the physical market or opening a shop.

If you are looking for one of the best online stores Fb Marketplace is one of them. Moreover it’s now competing with eBay. So to enjoy this Marketplace service, you must have Facebook account and also reside in Yuma Arizona city, US.

How To Create Facebook Account

  • Navigate to your browser and search for www.facebook.com
  • On Fb homepage, move upward or downward and tap on “create new account” widget depending on where it’s displayed on your device.
  • A form will be displayed for you to Key in your names, email or phone number, password, gender and then date of birth
  • When you finish filling the blank spaces, tap on “Sign up” tab below
  • After the above procedure, wait as you receive text or email message, however this message contains confirmation code
  • Still on the Fb platform, type in the confirmation code in the empty box.
  • Click on “continue” widget and you are good to go

How To get to Facebook Marketplace Yuma az

Accessing this Marketplace does not require an extra app, rather it is found within the Facebook app. So you can get to the marketplace within few minutes, hold on as you learn how to get to the market with your Android, iPhone and computer devices.

Get to Marketplace with Android or iPhone devices

  • Sign in to your Fb account
  • Find the three lines icons representing “menu” and then click on it.
  • From the menu options, click on “Marketplace” icon it looks like a shop
  • Tap on “sell or buy” tab, depending on what you want to do on the platform.
  • If you want to sell, choose list of items you like to sell, then follow the prompt.
  • To buy, select the item you want buy and contact the seller.

Access Facebook Marketplace Yuma az With Computer

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • At the left side of the news feed, click on the “house” icon which takes you to the marketplace
  • To search for items, Press on “search tab” at the top, however if you want to sell or buy, click on “buy something or sell something” tab


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