Facebook Messenger Download | How to download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Download.  Get the Facebook Messenger, reach your friends and loved once instantly. To enjoy the free messaging service, you only need a data plan to access the platform. Thus, this is the best platform to communicate and interact with all the people and businesses in the world. Fb Messenger is simply an app on its own that lets you chat and send messages to the normal Facebook app. The Messenger app can be accessed also through your PC by visiting their official website.

Facebook Messenger Download
How to download Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Download

Facebook Messenger app is available for free on the App and play store. Go over to the marketplace and get the app to instantly message, voice call and video call people in your life on the Fb platform. With the Messenger, the chatting with friends is very fast and smooth, when you send messages to your Fb friend it goes instantly without loading or any form of delay, as far there’s an Internet connection. To get the app read the section beneath

How to download Facebook Messenger

Messenger is available on Windows, iPhone, and Android. To download it on any of this device take the procedure below.

For iOS device

  • Launch the app store
  • Click on the search tool at the page top and enter “Messenger” in the box and press the enter key.
  • You will see a list of matching apps
  • Navigate to the app developed by Facebook and click on the “Get” button next to it.
  • Click on the install box to begin the installation process.
  • Wait as the app downloads. During this process, you might be prompted to provide your Apple ID Password.
  • To use the app immediately, click on the “Open” widget.

For Android devices

  • To get the app for free, launch the Google play store.
  • Move to the search tool at the upper part of the screen and search for Messenger.
  • The result page will display
  • From the list of results, click on the Fb Messenger app at the top.
  • Press the install button.
  • Go through the required permissions and hit the accept button to start installing it.
  • You will have to wait a little while for it to download
  • Proceed to open the app if you want to use it immediately.

For Windows phone

  • Launch the Windows store to get Messenger for free.
  • Type in “Facebook Messenger” the search bar
  • On the fresh page which is the search result
  • Select the right app from the list. It is usually the first app on the list.
  • Click the “install” link to start to download it on your device
  • After getting the app, you can start using it right away by clicking the launch or open button.


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