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Facebook New Account – Facebook New Account Registration | Create New Facebook Account

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Facebook New Account setup is an act of registering for fresh account on FB. Facebook is a well known online platform that connects people together. Thus it has billions of active users across the globe. The platform offers free account creation to whoever that is interested in joining the trending social network. It does not support an individual to own two accounts. But there are trick you can use to setup a new or second account on FB. The trick will be disclosed in this article.

Facebook New Account – Facebook New Account Registration | Create New Facebook Account

Facebook New Account

However, you might have an account before, maybe due to some reasons you decide to create a new one. For you to create a new account, you must sure you have another email address you’ve not used to register for a Facebook before.

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Create New Facebook account

Fb lets you setup an account either on web or in- app. Depending on the one you want. But to create your new fb account you need an email address or mobile phone number. The emails address or phone number must be a new one. Do you know why you need a new email address to create a new fb account? This is because Facebook will recognize the email you used to create previous account. So you need another email that you’ve not used on FB. Make sure that the email or phone you want to register is active it is in your email or phone number that you will receive your confirmation code. The confirmation code is the code that Facebook use to verify your account email/phone number.

Create Facebook Account Gmail

Do you want to set up an fb account with Gmail? Before you kick off with the steps below, you must e sure you have a Gmail account, otherwise visit www.gmail.com on Gmail page locate the registration section and register for Gmail email address. Follow the directions below create new FB account using Gmail.

  • Locate the FB page on web using this link facebook.com/reg.
  • You can download the mobile app from play store, locate “Create an account” or “Sign up” section and follow the prompt.
  • Move to the sign up field.
  • Key in your personal details required.
  • Enter your full name and your Gmail email address your email address.
  • Select your gender from the options and input birth date.
  • Create your password. While creating your password make sure you create password can’t be easily guessed, to prevent other people from intruding your account without your knowledge.
  • Click on the sign up button.
  • Go to your email, Facebook will send you a verification message that has a code.

Then you will copy out code and go back to the verification screen and enter the code in the appropriate column. And that’s all.

Create a Second Facebook Account Now

People have been asking questions like “Can I have 2 Facebook accounts, can I create a second Facebook account with the same email? You can have two fb accounts, but each of the account must have a different email address. You cannot set up a second fb account with the same email you used for the first account. Some people prefer to have a separate account for their business and that of their personal lives. So to have two accounts on fb, get ready to create another email for the second account. Learn how to set-up the second account in the section below.

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Facebook New Account Registration

To get your Facebook account registered below are the basic steps to follow:

1: create a new email address

You need a new email address that you’ve not used to register for fb. If you have another email address, go ahead and use it otherwise visit any of the free web-mail like Gmail. If you want to create a Gm, visit their website at www.gmail.com. On Gmail main page, find the registration section and take the on screen instructions to create a new Gmail account.

2: visit facebook.com

After setting up another email address, go to fb main page, to access the main page search for www.facebook.com. Right on the FB page, look for the sign up or create an account tab and click on the tab. The tab will take you to the registration page, where you will access the form.

3: type in your details

In the form presented on the registration page, type in the following data, your name, gender and birth date. Scroll to the email field and input the new email address. Create a strong and unique password in the password field.

4: Tap on sign up and verify your account

After creating your new account password, navigate to the sign up widget located beneath the page and tap on it. The sign up button will take you straight to the verification page. You will a mail that has a verification code, copy the code. Go to the FB verification page and type in the code, and then follow the prompt to verify your email.

Facebook Account Registration in App

To start a new Facebook account with fb mobile app, you need to have the app on your device. Below is the procedure:

  • To get the app, navigate to the play store/apple app store. In the store search for the app and then download and install on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Launch the app.
  • Go to the sign up section.
  • Provide the required information and verify using a code sent to your mail or number.
  • Then tap on Sign Up.

Follow the directions on the screen to successfully register a new fb account. But if you have an account before, ensure you have a new email. You might need to log out of your old account to be able to create a new one in-app.

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