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Facebook Search – Facebook Search Bar | Facebook Search Friends | Easiest Way to Search on FB

Facebook search helps you find people you know, post, pages, apps, events, videos, pictures, and lots more on the FB platform. Facebook is a website that helps to connect you with people you know via the online platform. It gives users the opportunity to make new friends as well. Thus, users can also see it as a place, which they can store their favorites photos, they can also determine who can view or see the photos. It has so many features that include the search bar. This is what makes finding someone or stuffs very easy on FB.

Facebook Search - Facebook Search Bar | Facebook Search Friends | Easiest Way to Search on FB

Facebook Search – Facebook Search Bar

The search is the tool you use in finding or locating people, friend’s profiles, photos, and more on Facebook. FB search is very easy to use and it works very powerfully if you know how to use it. With these features, you won’t spend time searching for a friend, post, and other searchable. I can’t just imagine a website like Facebook without the search bar, it will be so hard to find friends and other content on the platform.

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What Can I Search on Facebook?

Here are the basic things you can find on Facebook using the search bar.

  • Photo.
  • Videos.
  • People.
  • Groups.
  • People’s posts.
  • Links.
  • apps.
  • Business page and other entities that have a fan page.

Above are what you can search on the Facebook platform using this search tool.

Facebook Search Friends

Sign up or log in to your Facebook account, search, and find your friends using the search bar. This is a great opportunity to connect with your old time friends, colleague, and other people that were once in your life. To find friends easily, you just need to provide the person’s name in the search bar, browse and wait for the results. Then, the result page will appear, showing a list of people bearing the name or related name. From the result page, scroll through it, by clicking on their profile pictures to see if it’s the person you’re looking for. When you find the person, go ahead and send a friend request.

Easiest Way to Search on FB

To search for a person or content on the FB platform using your web browser or FB mobile app, take these steps.

  • Visit the FB websites at Facebook or open the mobile app on your device.
  • On your computer, move to the top left side to locate the search tool. In the mobile app, the search icon is at the right top of the page.
  • Key in the content or person’s name. During this time, Facebook will suggest different kinds of content under the search bar. If any of the suggestions match the type of content you want to find, click on it.
  • You can tap on the see all results beneath the suggestion menu. On the new page, you will see tabs like All, post, videos, the marketplace, groups, people, apps, links, and more at the top of the page. The left pane has tabs like a post from, post type, posted in the group, tagged location, and date posted. These tabs or category has come with additional options to select from.

With this step, you can easily search for whatever you want to search for on Facebook.

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How to Filter Your Facebook Search Result

To filter contents from your search results follow the guide beneath,

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Navigate to the search bar at the screen or page top.
  • Input the content you want to find in the bar or choose from the suggestion list below.
  • Tap on a filter at the top to slim down your search.

Now I hope you can now filter your search result after searching for something on the platform.

Find Content Using Keywords

Do you know that you can also look for content on Facebook because it has enabled it, users, to find content using keywords? What I mean by key words is for instance “Mary’s birthday” from the result. You can now filter it to get the final result.

How to Sign In to Your FB Account

To sign in to your account using pc.

  • Move to your PC browser.
  • At the page top, enter Facebook in the search tool.
  • Scroll up to the email and phone field and type your email address or phone number.
  • Beneath the password field, type in your account password, and then click on the “log in” bar.

If you forgot your FB account password, still on the login page, find the tab with this question “forgot password?” and tap on it. It will request for your email or phone number. Any of these options you choose will be the medium that will be used to reset your password. To complete the reset, kindly follow correctly the steps provided on the screen.

How to Login Via Mobile App

To gain quick access to your account via FB mobile application, you need to download the app on your device. Then open the app and proceed to the login section. Enter your email or mobile number and password. You can save your login details to enable you to access your account without many protocols and procedures. Know that before you can log in you must have an account on the platform first but if you are not yet a user. You can equally create one by using the link above and click on the sign-up option. Follow the steps given to you on the sign-up page to complete your registration process.

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