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Facebook Story Settings

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Facebook Story settings, is designed to help you secure your account, using some Facebook settings to determine who sees what, where and when they see it. This implies that only those you want to see your story post can do so at a certain time.

Facebook Story Settings – How To Share Events

Once you share an event to your story on Facebook, your friends can click to see event details, and can respond straight from your story.

To share an event to your story;

  • Tap open the Facebook app for iOS or Android
  • Click on the three line icon, and then tap “Events and choose the event you’d like to share. Only upcoming public events can be shared.
  • Beneath the cover photo, click on “Share”.
  • Choose “Share to Your Story”
  • The event will be displayed as a sticker on your story. You can click and hold the sticker to move it, or use two fingers to rotate the sticker or change the size.
  • To add more details, you can click Aa to add text, the circle icon to add a sticker, or the draw icon something.
  • Click “Next” and choose your audience, and tap “Share Now”


As you view your story, you can see a list of your friends who responded to the event. Click “Message” to begin a new group message thread with these friends about the event.

How To Hide Your Facebook Story From Specific People

Open the Facebook app for iOS or Android

Then add a photo or video to share to your story.

Tap the wheel icon Privacy at the bottom left.

Below “Who can see your story? Click to select “Friends and connections or Friends.

Tap on “Hide Story From> icon.

press on choose the people you’d like your story to be hidden from, thereafter click on “Done”.

If someone has been placed on your restricted list, thesepersons won’t have access to your story.

Facebook Story Settings (How To Change Your Audience For Something You’ve Already Shared To Your Story)

Here’show to change your story privacy settings, after you’ve shared your story;

  • At the top of your News Feed, tap on “Your Story”
  • Tap at the top right and
  • Select “Edit Story Settings”
  • Thereaftertap on “Story Privacy”
  • Tap to choose the audience you’d like to share your story with, and then click “Change the”.

How To Reply or React to Someone’s Story on Facebook

To reply or react to someone’s story on Facebook;

Goto the top of the News Feed, andtap a story you’d like to view.

To reply, click “Reply”… at the bottom of the story, and click an emoji to send a reaction.

Note, Replies and reactions to someone’s story can only be viewed by the story’s owner and the person replying. The owner ofthe story gets a preview of their story along with your reply.

Outlined above, is all that you need to do to safeguard your Facebook story. It’s as simple as that.

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