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FaceTime App for iPhone. FaceTime is an app for video chat developed by Apple. It is available on supported IOS mobile devices and Mac computer that runs with Mac OS x 10.6.6. The app is available in English, Dutch, Danish, Chinese. FaceTime right now is not compatible with other devices except Apple phones. Let see more about FaceTime App for iPhone.

FaceTime App for iPhone


FaceTimeis a new video telephony App from Apple. With this app, you can easily make both video and audio calls on your social media. This app was developed based on the complaints of apple users about social media calls not being reliable any longer.

FaceTime features

FaceTime Camera – using the camera you can communicate live with another user. Nowadays, one can communicate with another via video calls or audio. FaceTime camera is one of the best ways of video communication. All you need is to get connected to Internet Wi-Fi and the app is turn on.

FaceTime group calls–the FaceTime App is use to connecting people for a group discussion. Just like a conference call, where the family can have a meeting online and a group of people, say, business associates, etc. These amazing features have made FaceTime unique.

How to download and install FaceTime on iPhone

To download or install this app on your device you use these few steps:

  • Get to App store
  • On the search bar type “FaceTime app”
  • When it is display click on it and
  • Next, you will see the “Install” button click on it to download and install the app.

FaceTime login -how do I sign in to FaceTime?

Signing in to FaceTime is very simple.

  • When you get to FaceTime App on your Mac or iPhone
  • As the login section display
  • Type in your Apple ID and password
  • Next, click on the “Sign In” button

How do I activate FaceTime on iPad

Before any online products are used mostly such products must be activated. For iPad activation on FaceTime here are the steps to follow for activation:

  • From the settings widget
  • Search for FaceTime time option at the left side of  the page
  • Click on the FaceTime switch to put the “On” button.

How to use FaceTime on iPad

FaceTime are use on iPad, iPhone and on Windows PC. For iOS or Apple device you have to sign in. This apple is always at the front App, it comes with your Apple phone. To start using this app you register your phone number and email address before launching the app.

  • Click on the app to launch it
  • Click on the +icon
  • Enter your Email address, phone number or name
  • Enter number or numbers to call if it is a group called
  • Then, click on either video or audio to start.

It is very important to note that, for you to enjoy this app you must have a WiFi connection or you turn on your Hotspot on


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