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FaceTime App Watch is a unique invention by Apple company. Now many Apple watch users may be wondering how the FaceTime App on their watch works especially without a camera? That you do not have a camera on your Apple Watch does not you are going to enjoy this application. The good news here is that you can also place an audio call on your Apple watch. For those hearing of FaceTime for the first time, this is what it’s all about.

FaceTime App Watch

What is the FaceTime App?

FaceTime is solely a video telephony device created by Apple. The apple service allows you to make audio and video calls with your WiFi or mobile phone network all for free. It is a beautiful Fun time among apple users because it works only on Apple. This app can be used for conference calls, family meetings and business seminars, etc

How To make A FaceTime call on Apple Watch

Using your FaceTime app to make a call on the Apple watch is easy. The sound is very clear. With the apple watch is only audio calls you can make as your watch dies not to have a camera for video call. Placing calls is easy even if you are using Siri or the phone app.

To place Audio call on FaceTime app follow these steps:

  • Get to the app and open it on your Apple watch
  • Click on contacts
  • Choose the contact you want to call and tap on it
  • Click on the call icon
  • Click on the “FaceTimeAudio” widget

Using Siri on your Apple Watch

When using Siri on your Apple watch follow these steps:

  • Hold down the Digital Crown and say “Hey Siri”, and hold the Digital Crown down again
  • Ir click on the Siri Widget if you are using it on the Siri watch face
  • Say “ Face Time Contact’s Name”
  • The Activate Siri, say FaceTime contact
  • Your Apple will begin to call your contact using FaceTime Audio.

Use Apple watch FaceTime With Walkie Talkie App

With Apple Watch, you can use FaceTime to send audio messages through the walkie talkie app. This app launched with watchOS 5 and with the old walkie talkie we all grow up to play with.


  • Launch the walkie talkie app from your Apple watch
  • Click a friend you have added to the walkie talkie app or tap “Add friend (Plus) to add contacts
  • Your Apple watch will then check their availability to be contacted, then display  a big  Yellow “Touch &Hold to talk” icon
  • Tap and hold the Touch & Hold to talk” icon and say your message. Leave the icon when you are through.
  • Your friend can click and hold their own icon to send you their message. All that is needed is a connection to WiFi or cellular data. To enjoy this feature with FaceTime.


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