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FBA sellers are sellers who ship their merchandise to a fulfillment center, where they are stored in warehouses until they are sold. FBA means Fulfillment By Amazon.

FBA Sellers

About FBA Sellers

FBA selling has become one of the most popular ways to earn income online. Currently, there are 2 million people selling on Amazon worldwide. As an FBA seller, you can list an item for sale on Amazon and have them help you ship it to your customer.

FBA Seller Benefits

Enrolling in the FBA program, helps you automate order fulfilment by taking advantage of Amazon’s advanced shipping and fulfilment services thereby earn more sales from Amazon’s Prime customers.

Enjoy effortless logistics and shipping as FBA allows you to outsource the entire process, taking advantage of their expertise and experience.

Fulfilment centers, contracts with major shipping carriers which gives them steep discounts on shipping. These discounts are then passed on to sellers in the form of reduced shipping prices when sending your inventory.

Stay free from customer inquiries, return shipping labels and reverse logistics. Although there’s a returns processing fee which is worth the trouble.

Excellent customer service is provided for you.

Enjoy unlimited storage space.

Since there are hundreds of fulfilment centers all around the world, wherever your customers, they can be reached and their products delivered to them in a couple of days.

You can sell products on other channels and have Amazon fulfill those orders.

How FBA Works

The seller sends his/her product to the fulfillment center , the fulfillment center, stores these products in their warehouses. Once a customer indicates interest in the product and orders them, the fba center picks, packs, ships and tracks the order for the seller and also handles returns and refunds.

Next, this center handles the customer service by following up to ensure that the customer is satisfied once the customer gets the product. The fba also handles any returns or questions from the customer.

For feedbacks, the seller is solely responsible to respond and take action.

Every two weeks, Amazon adds up all your total sales, and deducts your seller fees and deposits your profits directly into your bank account.

What is an FBA Seller Responsible For?

An FBA seller is responsible for the following;

  • Keeping your inventory in stock
  • Marketing and advertising your products
  • Deciding on which products to sell.

Become an FBA seller today and sell your wholesale purchase, self made goods or a product you longer want.


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