Fiverr Login – How to Login to Fiverr| How to Reset the Account Password

Fiverr Login platform gives you access to the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr is based in Israel and was founded in the year 2010.  Its aim is to provide a place for the freelancer to provide services to other people across the globe. That is to say, it is also a means of connecting businesses with freelancers offering digital service in over 250 categories.

fiverr login

Fiverr Login

To get into the freelancer Marketplace, you only need a few steps, the first is to create an account if you don’t have one and lastly, login to your account. With an account, you will be able to get freelancer services or start selling on the platform. On Fiverr platform, the people who seek for services are known as buyers while people who offer services are sellers

Thus, before you go into the login process, if you do have an account yet, kindly follow this very medium.

How to Create An Account

To join the platform, this is how, navigate to their main page at on the page, move your cursor up and tap on the “join” button at the right corner.

To create an account with Facebook, select the Facebook icon.

If you register for an account with your Google account, click on the “Google” widget.

Finally, if you wish not to use the above registration platform  Key in your email in the empty box and then tap on the “continue”  button.

Fiverr Login Procedure

Users can access the platform by using their email, Google or Facebook account. Soto gain access your Fiverr account go to your Chrome or any other browser and search for

To login into the marketplace, tap on the “sign-in” widget.

Access Your Account Using Email

When you get to the login screen, scroll down and input your email/username. And then enter your password. Then click on the continue button.

How to Login With Facebook and Google

To log in using either connect with Facebook or Google, go to the Fiverr account login screen. You will see two sign-in options simply tap on the option you want to access your account with, and then follow the onscreen guide to access your account successfully.

How to Recover Your Password

If you forgot your password or you want to change it, press the “forgot password” link. Type in your in the field.

Click on the “submit” widget. Follow every instruction provided on the screen to reset your login password.


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