Flipboard – How does it work | Is Flipboard free to use?

Flipboard is a social network and news aggregation company in California. It brings content from news feeds, social media, and other websites, present it for users to flip through. Get informed, inspired by technology, news entertainment design, health, etc.


More about Flipboard

Flipboard app individualizes your content in accordance with your interest, and then brings out the important in the magazine.

However, when you read through the stories displayed on Flipboard, you can also form your own digital magazines to share with other people, by adding it to a magazine beneath your profile.

How does it work

Lets you flip through stories with its outstanding flip function. Stories are shown on the home feed, thus it comes with a headline, source name and time of publishing. So to read a particular story, just click on it to expand it, so that you can read more.

To interact with the story, go to the Menu tab. So if you either like or less like the story, Flipboard will organize future stories for you depending on what you chose.

Users can flip stories into a magazine or even share it on the social media platform.

Is Flipboard free to use?

Flipboard is free to use by all. All you need to do is to register to get an account and then start enjoying all the amazing features the service has.

How To Get Flipboard app

Install the on your android or iOS device from the google play or apps store. To start using the app go ahead and sign up for an account. Thus, you can sign up on their official website, if you don’t want to register using the app.

How To use

When you open the Flipboard app on your phone, there are five different tabs at the downside of the main menu which are

The home tab – this is where your stories are, you can flip through the stories until you get to the one you want

The following tab –  this tab is represented with the grid icon. It has the topics, profiles, and accounts you are following.

Search tool – it is used for finding more topics and including them to your Flipboard.

Notifications tab – the icon looks like a comment box. It notifies you when you have followers, comments, and likes on your stories.

Profile tab – it looks like a human figure, this is where you upload your profile picture, Username and short info about yourself.


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