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Flipboard News | Flipboard News app – how To download Flipboard app

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Flipboard Newsis asocial news computing website. Thus it delivers from the latest news to top stories in your favorite categories. It collects quality content from different news feeds and then displays it on their website for members to flip through.

Flipboard news

About Flipboard

The company is situated in Palo Alto, California, it has offices in Beijing, New York, and Vancouver. It was founded by Mike Mc Cue in July 2010.

Flipboardwent as far as personalizing your content according to your interest, and then brings out the relevant content in the magazine.

It also allows users to create their own digital magazines to share it with other people on the website.  So as you go through the stories on the Flipboard, you can now add them to a magazine at the bottom of your profile.

With this news app, you can also put together magazines that are according to your passion, for particular sources or for sharing with others.

How does Flipboard News work?

Open the Flipboard News app, if you want to read a specific story, simply tap on it to get the full view. The Stories are displayed on the home feed and it comes with a headline, source name and publishing time.

If you want to interact with the story, visit the menu button represented with three dots. When you tap on the like or less like the story tab, the future stories you will get depends on the tab you choose, for instance, the “like” and “dislike” tab.

Still on this platform is can decide to flip stories into a magazine or share it via the social media platform.

Flipboard News app

The Flipboard news app is very easy to use. Simply download or install the app, it will lead you straight to the login page. But If you don’t have an account with Flipboard, then you will need to sign up either by email, Facebook or Twitter.

How To download Flipboard app

To install the news app on your iOS and Android, you have to visit the play store or apps store, depending on the type of mobile phone you’re using.

  • Open the app store/play store from your phone menu
  • Move to the Search tab and input “Flipboard”
  • Hit the enter button
  • Click on install/get
  • Launch the app and log in to your account. But if you have not registered, tap on the “create an account or sign up link to register.

There are different mediums you can use to register which are, via email ID, twitter or Facebook.

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