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Fox News is a conservative cable television news channel in America. To get the latest news in the US and across the globe, this channel is the best, just go to their official website and sign up.


Fox News

The major news trending in the US now is President Trump’s impeachment trial and the fight between Iran and the US. However, the Fox channel or website can keep you up to date on this trending issues.

 Fox News Today

Fox News also was known as Fox News Channel in America. The channel is owned by the Fox newsgroup. It provides every streamer with the latest news on every aspect including entertainments, sports, national and global affairs.

Fox Sports

This online streaming news channel does not focus on only the political, cultural and matters arising in Nations. Thus it gives users current updates on sports activities. For instance, football lovers can get headlines on football marches they missed. So if you want to be updated on sports activities and scores, why not get the fox app or stream live.

How To Sign up

To start getting news updates on their website, you must sign up for an account, which is very easy to do. Just follow the few steps shown below to register.

  • Go to
  • Tap on the button that says “watch TV”
  •  On the next page, click  on the log in tab
  • Move down and select create account
  • Key in your email, password, First name, last name, display name
  • Input your date of birth and then select gender
  • Agree to Fox news terms of use
  • Tap the blue create account button.

How to Login to your Account

To access your fox account, so that you can watch or read live and trending news updates/headlines \, do the following.

  • Go to your phone or desktop browser and search  this link will take you to their official site.
  • Scroll to the right top of the page and tap on the “watch TV” tab.
  • On the new screen, locate the login button and then tap on it, in other to access the login page.
  • Input your login details, which includes your email and password in the empty spaces
  • Finally, go to the login or sign in the box below and click on it.


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