Galaxy Buds/how to connect it to your Devices?

Galaxy Buds is a wireless audio device designed by Samsung to enhance sound. You can answer calls and also play your favorite music with it.

Galaxy Buds

Tips on How To Use Galaxy Buds

Before you start using galaxy Buds, you need get the one that correctly fits your ear, So that you can be comfortable. When you find the eartip that fits your ear, attach one edge of the eartip around the lip of the bud and Press the eartip into it.  Ensure you join the left wing tips to the left earbud and also the right wing tip to the right earbud, because when you mix match them it can affect the charging case.

How To Wear the Galaxy Buds

  • Put the wing tip in your ear make sure they are pointing upward
  • Wear them until it’s comfortably fits your ear
  • When you are done, twist earbud to rotate the wing tip for it to place it in your ear auricle.
  • You will receive an alert from the touch sensitive sensor, who shows that you are putting on an earbud

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To iPhone, computer and Non -Galaxy Phone

Connecting galaxy Buds to your computer, iPhone and other devices is quite simple, simply follow the instructions below appropriately.

Before you start connecting to your iPhone ensure you disconnect your galaxy Buds if it’s connected to a device. All you need to do is to switch off the Bluetooth on that device

Connect It to Your iPhone

  • Open the Buds case and then tap and hold the touch pad for it to go into paring mode
  • Go to your iPhone and Open the settings
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon
  • Tap to add a device
  • A list appears on the screen which includes the galaxy Buds, Tap on it to pair them. You can now start the paring process.

Connect to Your Computer

The steps below is basically for Windows computer

  • Open the Buds case and also tap the touch pad on Buds inside, and then allow it to enter into paring mode
  • Power on your computer.
  • Go to search bar downward, at the left side of the home page. Then Key in “Bluetooth” in the search tool.
  • Tap on “Bluetooth and Other device” widget
  • Click on “Add Bluetooth or other device”
  • Navigate and select “Bluetooth ” widget
  • Select the galaxy Buds from the menu displayed to pair them
  • Wait to receive an alert from Windows, which says it has been connected

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Non-galaxy Android phone

  • Firstly, Open the Buds case and then the galaxy Buds in the case,  and it will automatically be in paring mode
  • On your Android phone, Swipe down the screen to the notification
  • Hold on the Bluetooth icon to access the Bluetooth settings
  • Click to add a device and then select the Buds from the menu to pair them


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