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Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel/How Do i Create?

Gantt Chart is one of the components of Excel, it’s a horizontal bar chart that illustrates a project schedule from the starts to the finish dates.

Gantt chart

How To Create A Gantt Chart

To Make a Gantt Chart you need to use the bar chart features and formatting because Microsoft Excel has no in-built Gantt Chart. Excel 2010 is what I will be using, but know that you can use this same format for Excel 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Create a Project Table

  • The first thing to do is to Key in your project data in the spreadsheet.
  • Structure your project plan, that is to say, include the starts date, end date and the duration, which stands for the number of days you need to finish it.

Make an Excel bar chart on Start date

  • Navigate and choose the range of the “start dates” with column heading.  And ensure only the cell that that has data are selected
  • Move to the top of the spreadsheet and click on “insert” tab
  • Select the “chart group” widget, then Press on “Bar”,button
  • Click on “stacked Bar” located beneath “2-D Bar”, then the stacked bar will be included in the sheet

Add Duration to make Excel Gantt Chart

  • Still on the chart page, right-click, then Navigate and click on “Select data” button from the list displayed
  • The select data page opens, move to the left corner and press on “Add” menu, in other to choose more duration you want to include in the chart
  • Key in “duration or the name you chose”in series name field. If you don’t want to use this method, simply tap on the “column header”, then the header will be included in the series name.
  • Go ahead and press on the “range selection” icon beside the “series values” area
  • Choose your project duration data, so tap on the first duration cell, then drag it cursor to the last duration
  • Click on “X” icon to exit, then it takes you back to the “Edit series” page that contains the series name and series value
  • Tap on “OK” link  which takes you back to the “Select data source” page, containing the “start date and duration” that Is found beneath “Legend Entries”
  • Move your mouse downward and select the “OK” button

Add task description

  • Right-click within the chart, then choose “Select data” tab
  • Ensure the “start date” is selected, then move to the right corner of the chart and click on “Edit” widget
  • Select your tasks, then click on the “range selection” icon and click on the first task and drag the mouse down to the last task
  • Tap on the “ok” widget
  • Right-click the chart labels, then select “delete” button  to remove it

Convert the bar Graph to Excel Gantt Chart

  • Proceed and press on a “blue bar” in your Gantt Chart to select all
  • Right-click, then tap on “format data series” tab
  • Go to the “Fill” button, then choose “No Fill” tab
  • Click on “Border color” widget and press on “No line” button
  • To Fix the task listed in reverse order, tap on the “list of task”on the left corner of your chart, then select “categories in reverse order option” and Press on “close” widget

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